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  1. I used megavideo/megaupload almost everyday, so obviously I signed the petition, if you used it and would like to do so also then you can at http://www.webpetitions.com/petition/save-and-re-open-megavideo-and-megaupload/8621. Its only got 70 votes so far and there looking to get a million so they got a ways to go. FYI: For those not knowing what hapened, the FBI took down the megaupload websites as well as arrest the owners of it. The petition is there for those that didnt think they were right in doing that simply put. Save and Re-Open Megavideo and Megaupload - Web Petitions - Start a petition online
  2. I got to beta test like so many other people on November 25th through the 28th, the last beta event for Star Wars: the Old Republic. In that time I didnt grind to hard but I ended up close to level 20 with an Imperial Agent(the class I chose). There is quite a bit of criticism out there, I have to say though that this game leans more towards being the new golden standard for all mmos to follow, at least thats what I felt while playing it, suttle not in your face when I say that though. Its not ahead of its time yet it fits nicely where it lays more like. I enjoyed my time very much so In "the Old Republic" and recommend anyone buy it. I made a video on how it runs on my Lenodo Ideapad Y460 which can be seen here
  3. One of my current favorite games out and its a free to play. Here is a gameplay video on my laptop showing off the two maps that are currently being used in beta, Iv played this game the last two weekends beta has been released. Im thrilled just to be in any beta let alone one as fun as this. Iv signed up to half a dozen betas with this game being the only one Iv been lucky enough to get into. Alot of people on fb and are wanting access to it and havent received a invite yet so I feel lucky to have been accepted.
  4. So it doesn't start up right when turning on from battery power after you have shut it down using the battery? Install virtual box, then ubuntu to it and reproduce it, maybee its windows. My laptop doesn't like win 7 sleep sometimes, just a glitch in wn 7.
  5. Hi darthbevis, my mistake I thought u were the one with the malx here http://www.notebookforums.com/t/164328/357magnums-malx-review.
  6. jeffreybaks

    Msi x460dx

    I want another laptop to compliment my Lenovo Ideapad Y460. Im thining between this laptop, the Envy 14, or the alienware m14x. Hard choices, I own an alieware already and I like to switch things up as much a I can.
  7. you can get 25% off on the dell outlet atm, check this thread out. http://slickdeals.net/forums/showthread.php?sduid=98793&t=3440164. I seen an m14x in there this morning for 850 dollars, so after 25% off you can imagine what kinda price you can get one for. I think most of them got snatched up throughout today though.
  8. Wanted to make a video on this game so here it is, .
  9. jeffreybaks

    Msi x460dx

    Been eyeing the MSI X460DX lately. Heres a video of it below.
  10. wow, beastly! I keep dreaming of m18x's, I suppose they wont go away untill I eventually get one.
  11. Hi, made a gameplay of the new shooter RAGE on my Ideapad, .
  12. I couldnt get RAGE to work with my laptop, which has the ATI Radeon Mobility HD 5650 graphics processror in it. I wanted confirmation from someone that has a 5xxx card or my card that its working for them. All my other games run great. Even though I got rid of the game already after spending 2 days on it I still like to know. :neglected::neglected:
  13. Heres first RAGE walkthrough on youtube, .
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