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Lenovo Y400 / Y500 - unlocked BIOS / wlan whitelist mod


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Earlier in the previous thread... I think it was someone else. Anyway, its good to know that there is only v1.0x. It just got me i bit confused..



What is a whitelist exactly?

Is there any other card you can install thats "within" the whitelist? Or am i getting this all wrong?

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Well, there might be a v1.5 bios sometime in the future... I'm not familiar with Lenovo's naming scheme.

Whitelist is the opposite of a blacklist :D In the case of this system it is a list of hardware IDs of wlan cards which are accepted by the bios, if you try to boot the system with a different card it will show an error message at POST and refuse to boot. This mod circumvents this.

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It isn't you can also use two connections, or buy the Intel Centrino 6235. I assume you want 5GHz next to the 2,4GHz?

I have a Broadcom dual band card with Bluetooth installed on my Y500.

Yeah, I want dual band. I frequently move large amounts of data to/from a desktop and I want max throughput. I have no need for Bluetooth, so the lack of it on the 6300 isn't a problem. I'm just not sure if I'm up to the task of installing a third antenna inside the display and whether it's worth the trouble.

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The touchpad stuff is (in case it's software related) most likely in the EC. This method will only flash the bios, and as described in my guide, it's not necessarily a good idea to flash a modified which is a different version than your current bios, at least not when flashing this way. The EC isn't included and this might cause serious issues.

For going to a newer bios version I highly recommend waiting for an official bios update from Lenovo.

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Can this method be used for IdeaPad Y400 as well? Thanks.

Updated: My Y400 has bios version v1.05 so I use the v1.05 file in the post to mod the bios. The modded bios works like a charm. I can now use Wifi Link 5100 AGN for the 5Ghz band. For those who are skeptical to try because your laptop is Y400 instead of Y500, just go ahead and follow the instruction of svl7 in this thread.

Good luck to all and thank you again svl7 for this great tool/instruction.

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This has been discussed, it's due to the motherboard design, leaving out the ability to use only the iGPU respectively only the dedicated GPU needs a more sophisticated mobo design, i.e. more expensive. Lenovo didn't put that ability in the Y500.

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