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  1. jester_socom

    Y500Y510p/... Want turbo boost without throttlestop? Come here!

    Well I have been looking into it. I have enabled core parking. Which allowed the system to run cooler. But not much. Using this I am able to achieve a higher turbo boost. Maybe 200mhz higher. It looks like turbo boost is still present on clean Windows 8 image. I did notice this kind of throttling is not present with a i5 installed. With the i5 turbo boost would always work. I dont know if people noticed the voltage reduction around 60-65c with stock vbios. I assume that is the part where the turbo boost is also turned off. I remember I found it on my 3632qm few days ago but I did a reinstall and now it's not working anymore. I am still trying to figure out what it was
  2. jester_socom

    Y510p and turbo boost

    You should not use Throttlestop. This is done by design to prevent damage done by heat. They might remove your warranty if discovered. Because this is similar to overclocking and running past manufacturer's specifications. Most here have been doing it since the beginning. But I rather have some sweet cool gaming around 70-80c instead of 100c
  3. I am going to try something. Since I have no throttling with my i7 when I am playing games I am suspecting this is a tweak made by Lenovo in Windows. I have manually set Performance Boost Mode to Enabled and then my turbo is working aggressively. When I set that setting to Efficient Optimized my turbo would only work on 1-2 cores. If load is spread on more cores turbo would be disabled. That is what you guys have been experiencing. But you can unlock this setting in the registry. Setting this to Disabled would disable turbo boost entirely for that power plan. Easy right ?
  4. jester_socom

    Y580 pushing to the limits!

    There is no point upgrading your CPU. I don't notice any difference even going from i5 to i7 aside in ArmA 2 & 3 and PCSX2. And PlanetSide 2 also runs fine on a i5 here. Save your money to buy a new laptop. Really, save yourself the trouble. I won't upgrade my CPU ever again.
  5. jester_socom

    DDR3 1.35v vs 1.5v and SSD -> temperature impact?

    according tot the thermal pictures, the tester noticed a 5C difference in the RAM area. Does seem worth trying. I might test myself and remove 1 stick to see if that helps.
  6. jester_socom

    Lenovo Y400 / Y500 - unlocked BIOS / wlan whitelist mod

    I am gaming with my cpu at 60-75C now and GPUs in the 60ies. I really hate the summer.
  7. jester_socom

    DDR3 1.35v vs 1.5v and SSD -> temperature impact?

    Would I be paranoid thinking this would help in my Y500 reducing temperatures? Technology Primer: Low Voltage RAM - Puget Custom Computers I currently have 1.5v 1600mhz cl11 modules In the link above there is a comparison in a desktop system for 1.25v/1.35v/1.5v I do notice a slight difference. Maybe this will have a better effect in a notebook? I was also thinking of upgrading to a SSD because it consumes 0.05W compared to 5W peak of a HDD.
  8. jester_socom

    650m original vbios request

    Thanks ! Sorry I didn't have one.
  9. jester_socom

    650m original vbios request

    Does anyone have this? I backed it up a while ago. But zippyshare deleted the vbios. Anyone willing to upload his backup?
  10. Will doing this have a impact on temperatures? Anyone who feels to try this? I think opting for a SSD may make a difference on my palm rest. But the RAM may have marginal impact.
  11. jester_socom

    Lenovo Y500 GT650m core can't boost

    i reported this to svl7 and a tutorial on how to correct it. It seems he didnt correct it.
  12. jester_socom

    Y500 VS Y510p

    You simply don't send your Y500 back unless you want the company to go bankrupt. Anyone with a little decency knows that Haswell is only 7% faster. So the difference is not worth it anyways. You can always force turbo boost while gaming using throttlestop. But I honestly refuse to do this because you skyrocket the temps.
  13. jester_socom

    y500 fan control question

    Not possible. Turn of turbo boost using the unlocked BIOS or in windows power management settings by setting max processor state to 100% My cpu is max 80C without turbo

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