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  1. Yeah, I want dual band. I frequently move large amounts of data to/from a desktop and I want max throughput. I have no need for Bluetooth, so the lack of it on the 6300 isn't a problem. I'm just not sure if I'm up to the task of installing a third antenna inside the display and whether it's worth the trouble.
  2. I'm interested in using an Intel 525 msata ssd as a primary drive. I found information on upgrading the cache drive, but nothing on replacing it with a large msata ssd and using it as the primary system drive. I assume the msata drive is treated as a standard drive that can booted to, right? Thanks.
  3. Hello, I'm lightrefracted. I just bought a lenovo y500 and I found this forum while searching for an unlocked bios so I can upgrade the WiFi adapter. Everyone has been helpful and I look forward to contributing.
  4. Thanks. I didn't realize replacing the adapter was going to be such an involved task.
  5. I had planned on using the YouTube disassembly video as a guide. Thank you for letting us know about the layout differences.
  6. Has anyone tried using the Intel Ultimate N 633ANHMW with the Y500?
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