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  1. sorry noob question.... does flashing with 2.02 leaked bios in anyway affect the windows 8 inbuilt key and licensing ?? thank you in advance ..
  2. would a BIOS+FIRMWARE update from lenovo solve the HD4000 Problem?
  3. svl7 awesome guide !! cant thank yu enough could yu please tell me wat are the options in the bios tht has to be changed for enabling intel HD 4000 graphics ?
  4. its said tht y500 uses intel HM76 chipset doesn't it com as a standard (hd4000 enabled)? or is it like Lenovo gets intel to build them custom chipsets ???
  5. @svl7 : thank yu for doin this greatly in dept with yu !!! also jus wanted to confirm that is bearfight rite abt the SLIC ? if so is it intact? jus curious ! Bearfight : thank yu for the valuable information!
  6. wen i downloaded this its telling tht is a virus !
  7. hey guys did anyone flashed ur system tht came with a windows 8 ? im asking cuz i read tht the win8 key or license comes embedded in the system. so did anyone loose their key or license of the org windows tht came with the system ??
  8. i was wondering .... nowadays the windows 8 key or license coms embedded in the system, so will flashing the system with a modded bios erase the key or overwrite the license or something ?
  9. Also please give the solution for this error so that we can try it out! "Error 28: Protected Range Registers are currently set by BIOS, preventing flash access. Please contact the target system BIOS vendor for an option to disable Protected Range Registers." Thank you in advance @svl7
  10. When i was a kid i barely knew what a computer was and our teacher used to show us the floppy disk and say this could store an entire book and i was amazed but as i grew up the computing power and storage capacity of these systems have exponentially grown.and sizes have drastically reduced and now to the size of molecules. now this cud be the next generation of storage devices Storing data in individual molecules An international team of researchers demonstrates the possibility of molecular memory near room temperature. An experimental technology called molecular memory, which would store data in individual molecules, promises another 1,000-fold increase in storage density. for more details see the Source : http://web.mit.edu/newsoffice/2013/storing-data-in-individual-molecules.html [h=2]New technique stores terabytes of data on DNA with 100% accuracy[/h]Last year, Harvard scientists managed to stuff 5.5 petabits (around 700 terabytes) of data onto a single gram of DNA. As we previously explained, the method used to store the data on the gram of DNA is similar to how it is stored on a standard storage device. Strands of DNA that held 96 bits of binary data each were synthesized, then the data could be read using a standard DNA sequencing process. We can use this thread to discuss about the new technological and scientific development in the world of data storage.
  11. I have a doubt ! how can we be sure that the intel HD4000 is disabled in the bios ? ... is it possible that the physical buffer that has to exist between the two graphic module required for dynamic switching is jus not there ?
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