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  1. Just got a 980m for m18xr2. 8 beeps.

    Unfortunately i don't know what the problem in your case, motherboard or your 980M. But you can try to flash Dell's vbios for your 980M, and then check if it solve your problem.
  2. Just got a 980m for m18xr2. 8 beeps.

    Try to disassembly laptop, then clean all gold contacts on MXM graphics card, then reinsert graphics card.
  3. Just got a 980m for m18xr2. 8 beeps.

    Go in bios setup menu and set graphic from IGFX to PEG.
  4. As I wrote earlier, this can not be done. It's difficult and long to explain, but just trust me, and do not waste your time in vain. Vbios for Asus G75VW (GTX 660M and GTX 670M) - it's a part of main system bios. Vbios for Asus GTX 880M - it is a separate code that is located in a separate chip on the board of the graphics card itself. Therefore, the methods for initializing and interacting with graphics card in the main system BIOS code are completely different.
  5. Hi! Read this page: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/announcement/4-user-account-promotion-rules-read-before-post
  6. Just got a 980m for m18xr2. 8 beeps.

    Hi! Just flash mod bios:
  7. Asus G750JW Bios Mod

    Hi! Ok. Check your PM.
  8. ASUS g750JX unlock bios request

    Hi! Ok. Check your PM.

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