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  1. Ok, what kind of the modified bios you flash?
  2. If he flash bios from your link, then he break laptop. Because bios from your link it's for another laptop.
  3. Hi! For creating backup of bios use attached program. Unzip attached archive directly on the Desktop and run the program as Administrator (right click mouse). Program will create archive "results" directly on the Desktop. Send me this archive "results" via PM, or upload it to any fileserver and send me the link via PM. http://www57.zippyshare.com/v/AKD3aIAV/file.html
  4. For HM70 chipset, max CPU which will work without HPET lock (only 30 min), it's a Pentium 2030M.
  5. Hi! Unfortunately no, Dell Inspiron 7548 is not Dell Inspiron 5737/3537/3737/5537, too much differences.
  6. Hi! The Mobile Intel HM70 Express chipset which is available in your notebook supports only the Pentium or Celeron brand processors from the Intel microarchitectures code named Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge.
  7. Yes, it's possible.
  8. Hi! Unlocked bios can't help with fan adjustments. If you want change the fan settings, then use Lenovo IdeaFun program. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nx51timp2jk34i1/IdeaFan_v1.6.zip Also you can read this:
  9. Yes of course. Sent it via PM.