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  1. The vBIOS for the second GPU needs to be flashed separately. As you saw, only your primary GPU vBIOS says modified, so now you need to do the second GPU. I have SLI enabled and PhysX set to auto-select (GPU2), which are the defaults:
  2. Second GPU needs to be flashed separately.
  3. Damn, memory clock really makes a big difference in FS. Too bad my VRAM sucks at overclocking.
  4. MX-4 isn't a good thermal paste for laptops as it pumps out easily with low pressure mounting heatsinks. For non-conductive pastes I'd recommend Gelid GC-Extreme, IC Diamond, or Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut instead. Also, have you tried IdeaFan yet?
  5. Yeah those aren't good CPU temps if you did a proper re-paste with good quality thermal compound. Unless you live someplace extremely hot, it's probably a poorly fitting heatsink and/or a badly binned CPU with too high voltage or lots of leakage. You can't overclock in BIOS, and this is software-based GPU overclocking so it's not like you're permanently entering the values into the vBIOS and can't boot with unsafe settings. Worst thing that can happen if the OC is unstable is it crashes and resets your graphics driver, or thermal throttles.
  6. Yeah it's a very noticeable performance improvement. The first-gen Kepler mobile GPUs overclocked like banshees because Nvidia had them clocked so low at stock. So much OC overhead. That's been my daily driver GPU overclock for the last 4 years. Your Physics Score is really, really low for the i7-3630QM. It's dragging down your Combined Score too. Did you know the EC firmware in the Y500 throttles the CPU by disabling Turbo Boost when the GPU is loaded? Yup you lose 800 MHz (2.4 GHz vs. 3.2 GHz) whenever the GPU temperature exceeds 65C. You need to use ThrottleStop to prevent this CPU throttling. If you've overclocked GPU memory too far, it'll lower your score instead of raising it. That's normal behavior for GDDR5 when it becomes unstable. So dial back that memory OC a bit until you've reached your highest score.
  7. Pretty old, but here's my 3DMark 11 and Fire Strike at 1150 MHz core @ 1.05V / 1125 MHz (4500 MHz) memory: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/10864957 http://www.3dmark.com/fs/6862952
  8. That would be Nvidia Inspector, not GPU-Z (see the window header).
  9. Many 980M cards can't go much past 1.1v without black screening due to overheating VRMs, so I doubt 1.2v stable is even possible on an unmodded card. I believe @Mr. Fox actually added components to the PCB of his 980M so he could max out the voltage, so maybe he can chime in here.
  10. Voltage control is unlocked, but only for overvolting not undervolting (at least on my 650M), and any voltage changes will only be reflected under GPU load, not when idling. Another thing on my 650M is that the zero point on the voltage offset slider is wrong. The actual zero starts at +112.5 mV, so in my case, setting it to +162.5 mV equals +50 mV in reality (since 162.5 - 112.5 = 50):
  11. You can check system consumption at the wall with a Kill A Watt just to be sure (and factoring in PSU efficiency), but I doubt the rest of the system is using over 110W unless you're running Prime95 at the same time. I have seen my 980M use up to 150W when overclocked and it didn't exhaust my 230W PSU. But it's pretty well-known that 980M's power delivery is poorly built and can't handle much overvoltage without instability, and can black screen even at stock if VRMs overheat.
  12. This 230W PSU will work without any modification.
  13. Sounds like the voltage is too high, causing instability and crashing.
  14. I'm using the 230W one bought from Sager. A bit out of your budget but it works well for my P650SG which has the same plug as your P150SM-A. If I'd known about the one you linked, I would've got that instead! As long as you get what's in the picture, you should be good.
  15. I think it's an Intel-specific issue.
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