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  1. kareldegrote

    Y500 Bluetooth

    Did you manage to fix the bluetooth issue with the Intel Wireless AC-7260? Or does the bluetooth still disappear after waking from sleep?
  2. I flashed the unofficial 204 bios and its working. The bluetooth issue still persists using windows 8.1 and the 204 bios. When I disable the wireless lan in the bios then the bluetooth works ALSO after waking up from sleep. So it's the combination of WLAN and bluetooth that doesn't work. My guess is that it can only be fixed by making good drivers and not by any bios update.
  3. After flashing back to original you can test if bluetooth works after sleep. If it doesn't work then it is a driver / Windows 8 issue. Verstuurd van mijn Nexus 4 met Tapatalk
  4. Do you also have the problem when you flash to the original bios?
  5. I have the same issue. Do you use the original WiFi card?
  6. I have the same issue. Do you use the original wifi card? I have installed a broadcom card which seems tot have bad Windows 8 drivers (or maybe its BIOS related.) Verstuurd van mijn Nexus 4 met Tapatalk
  7. I have updated from a modded 1.03 to a modded 2.02 Step 1: Take out your 3rd party wificard (if you have it already installed on an older modded version) Step 2: Flash the leaked firmware (2.02) Step 3: Create a backup of the Bios and create a modded version (Follow instruction from page 1) Step 4: Flash the modded 2.02 bios Step 5: Put your 3rd party wifi card back in place. I tested the overclocking (with MSI Afterburner)and GPU clock is max 1375 MHz (instead of the regular 835 MHz) and Memory Clock is max 1500 (instead of the regular 1000 MHz) @svl7, great job on the vbios and whitelist removal!
  8. It looks like a new firmware update. @svl7,is it possible to change directly from a modded v1.03 bios to a modded v2.02 bios? (because I already have a third party wifi card installed)
  9. If you want to add a regular sata3 drive then you have to remove the HDD. The Y500 (i5) has a free m-sata slot, which makes it possible to use the m-sata as a primary and the HDD for additional storage. And what do you mean with; "You should see no difference between the msata drive and a regular sata3 drive." Difference in what?
  10. A m-sata SSD wil work fine. (I have a crucial m4 installed on the Y500). You just have to adjust some BIOS settings EUFI boot --> Legacy and select Legacy first instead of EUFI. Then you can boot from the m-sata SSD.
  11. It isn't you can also use two connections, or buy the Intel Centrino 6235. I assume you want 5GHz next to the 2,4GHz? I have a Broadcom dual band card with Bluetooth installed on my Y500.
  12. No, but it should work because the Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 is a commonly used card. If you want to use 3 instead of 2 connections you should buy an extra antenna.
  13. @ svl7, I followed your guide and everything went smooth. I also installed a dual band WLAN card which works just fine. Thanx for your work!
  14. Can I update the LENOVO-6BCN31WW(V1.03) with the unlocked LENOVO-6BCN34WW(V1.05) without any problems? I have the core i5 version with a single GT650m. It would be great if it is possible to enable the WiDi? Did someone already managed to do so?
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