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  1. Great job svl7! Got my laptop yesterday and installed the modified bios. No problems and i have never done anything like it before.
  2. Okey. Is there an actual list ? I mean is there other wlan card that we know are accepted? Sorry for all the questions, and thanks
  3. Earlier in the previous thread... I think it was someone else. Anyway, its good to know that there is only v1.0x. It just got me i bit confused.. Thanks -- What is a whitelist exactly? Is there any other card you can install thats "within" the whitelist? Or am i getting this all wrong?
  4. That laptop you disassembled, is it the version with the Elan touchpad? Or does the new version of y500 also malfuntion?
  5. im a bit confused about the bios versions.... Is v1.5 the same as v1.05 and v1.3 the same as v1.03? Btw, great job Svl7
  6. Does flashing the bios change the waranty ? Does anyone know?
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