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  1. So that's how it is =/ no nothing works, not even the smallest increments. I'm thinking about buying a 4800MQ soon which will give me a little increase though
  2. Can't change bclk, system crashes at every frequency I've tried, from 101 and so on. Any idea? P150SM with 4700MQ, 8 GB 1866MHZ RAM, 8970M,
  3. A faster CPU in your system will yield some more fps in those games but a modded VBIOS for your GPU and some overclocking will also do it. The 4700mq's turbo can be overclocked to 36x, 35x, 34x, 34x which will also give you some performance increase.
  4. Just don't run Furmark, unless you want to destroy your card..
  5. I've never got the boot block recovery to work when I had a 16F2, I had to manually program the chip. Upload the BIOS for me and I'll look up the recovery name. - - - Updated - - - Recovery name for BIOS (E16F1IMS.10L) is ABPZ.rom try that with the version you're running right now. What version did you flash after that?
  6. Download Rufus http://rufus.akeo.ie/downloads/rufus-1.4.5.exe and select your USB pen drive - choose MS-DOS at "create a bootable disk using" - click start - done! Download the BETA EC for you system, connect both battery and PSU. Put the files on the USB stick reboot and choose USB stick from boot menu (F11) type ECALL and wait until it's done, remove all power sources and reconnect them. DONE!
  7. Nice to know it worked! Please share the VBIOS as stated above. I don't know if people previously have bought a card that wasn't in fact a card from MSI, or it was defective.
  8. The card will run on 0.90 without a problem but in this case the GPU overvolts itself which is a totally different story.
  9. Is the mini display port routed through the dGPU or iGPU?
  10. 1. The card has to be from Clevo not just for Clevo. 2. Use 0.5mm quality pads like phobya 7w/mk or shin etsu. 3. No BIOS flashing required. 4. Do a power drain, maybe use ESD mat and bracelet.
  11. I think you should follow Premas advice.
  12. That's not controlled by the BIOS, it's a VBIOS related thing, - - - Updated - - - Crossflashing the 16F3 BIOS on the 16F2 will brick it. - - - Updated - - - What do you mean? You can simply change the filename to .rom.
  13. Well, your card should not go over 0.85 by itself, so my guess is a component on the card is broken. Did you buy the laptop new?
  14. If I remember correctly GTX 770M nor 780M works, 680M works though.
  15. BAKED

    Y500 Question.

    Haswell doesn't work in your system, and a desktop CPU won't work.. You should read a little about the differences and it will be REALLY clear. You can only use ivy bridge (3rd gen) and sandy bridge (2nd gen), max is 3940XM but I doubt your systems cooling is sufficient.
  16. Turn off turbo in throttlestop, set the CPU to run at 22x multiplier.
  17. I have been on and off for about 5 years. I'm on a deff right now weighing 180, 3 months ago I was at 230 bulk. Personal best is 440 deadlift, 415 squat and 264 bench. Slipped a disk 7 months ago but I'm on my way back I hope - - - Updated - - - 255 is really good at that weight compared to my best at my weight
  18. BAKED

    MSI GTX 770M vbios

    Error code when booting? You don't mean the GPUs post message? That's not a error code.
  19. Recieved my p150sm today and just flashed your BIOS, first I got this weird problem with backlight not being adjustable and the soundcard nor ethernet worked and I was afraid I bricked the EC. But it all worked out after doing a system repair so it was software related. Thanks for your hard work man! I've bought you a coffee ;D
  20. I'm pretty sure the gtx 770m doesn't work in the 1762, someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  21. 1. You need to buy a Clevo card. Mokkin on ebay has it. 2. No, only if you want to unlock the card for OCing or if you want to be able to install drivers without a modified .inf, then you'll need a MSI VBIOS. 3. No. 4. Yes it's the same. 5. To install the drivers you need a modified .inf or as I described in 2, it's easy to install with a modified .inf.
  22. OV 1000v means it's overvolted to 1.0v, I'm not totally shure what the changes are in the revised 02 ones but something has been changed.
  23. Have some patience and someone will most likely help you out, posting the same question 4 times won't help.
  24. Only first gen i CPUs works in your system so no.
  25. The fastest CPU you can get is I7 920XM.
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