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  1. is there no vbious for the g751 yet ? i would be eternally humble. i get good temps and gta aint playing the best on here the 10% oc helps but a modest 20% would push it past 60fps i think i get about 52fps stock
  2. oh the card is a stonker comes close to my 970gtx but id still love a vbios to be able to flex the card for the future, the cooling on this laptop is second to none, 63.c load on stock. is there any chance a g751 vbios can be made ?
  3. i dont know is the g751 980m is mxm but its 4gb not 8gb
  4. any news on a 4gb version for the g751 yet guys ? much appreciated
  5. i have a question and im hoping you can help i have recently bought a g751 with a 980m i am able to put the sider up 135mhz and ungine shows this 46fps avg > 53fps avg are there any vbios's that unlock this card in this notebook and is it possible. Im really excited to try it Thank you
  6. i guess this forum is dead now. i have no idea how to mod the bios for the a 16 but im certainly not going to brick my laptop with an older version. hope someone eventually comes out with a vbios that will work with a16
  7. so it wouldnt be as simple as the setup in this video ? i have a wireless card that it would go in, i also have an i7 quadcore cpu and 8 gigs of ram, would i be able to easily install a 770gtx with an external power supply with ease do you think ? im going to be getting a pc build anyway so worst that will happen is if it dosent work they will go towards the components for the build later on in july.
  8. what would i need specifically ? as i dont know whether to shell out 1200 on a pc or spend 600 on a card and power supply and adapters.
  9. please can i ask, my bios version is the latest, this being a modded bios of an earlier version will i still be able to flash it and if so, will it brick my laptop. im pretty scared as im out of warranty.
  10. having messed with throttle stop i have made the following changes EiST, BD, C1E are unticked, so is disable turbo, i havent disabled it. i am now experienced better avg frame quality in games. my 3610qm runs at 3ghz constantly.
  11. As well as my obsession with hardware i also frequent the gym. been going 3 years now and currently stand at 215lb. any one else go ?
  12. im not incredibly impressed with my new m500 ssd to be honest.. imgur: the simple image sharer
  13. its all pretty daunting, so where my wifi card goes this would be the solution, but wouldnt i lose wifi connectivity ?
  14. the gpu is located on the left side near the fan, this laptop does not support mxm so you cannot swap out the gpu, you can only i suppose vbios mod it and crank up the core and memory which i hope to do, as half an hour into world of tanks and i get some pretty bad downclock yet its only at 60c
  15. Ive been reading about htis method as a cheaper way to not have to buy a desktop.. only its not cheap haha is it possible though on a 7720 as it doesnt have an expresscard slot that compares to most setups ive read about.. albeit im going to have a gander in this forum now.
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