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  1. When I did the testing for that screenshot above I was running: Mainboard BIOS: MSI 10H from (http://www.msi.com/product/nb/GT780DX-GT780DXR-.html#?div=BIOS) GTX770m VBIOS NVIDIA(10DE) Version: (came with the card, card was bought off Ebay and advertised from a Clevo laptop) Our CPUs are the same the i7 2670QM I have since changed my mainboard BIOS to the one from this forum (http://forum.techinferno.com/msi/1839-msi-g-series-unlocked-bios.html) the "MS-GT780/783 .30H MSI GT783 Unlocked.zip" from Xonar. I am now using a VBIOS also from techinferno: MSI VBIOS OC Edition rev02 (http://forum.techinferno.com/general-notebook-discussions/1847-nvidia-kepler-vbios-mods-overclocking-editions-modified-clocks-voltage-tweaks.html) "MSI 770m - 'OC edition' - rev02.zip" I flashed it with "nvflash.exe -4 -5 -6 <filename>" to override my device ID, etc so I can install drivers without INF modifications as mentioned earlier in this thread. I haven't done much testing yet so I am not sure if theres a difference yet. I also ordered a new CPU (i7 2960XM) from Ebay (Intel Core I7 2960XM Extreme Edition SR02F Quad Core 2 7GHz UP TO 3 7GHz 8MB | eBay) it should be arriving soon.
  2. ligrew, I have a MS-1761 model MSI (gt780dx), i have put a clevo GTX770M in it also. I also have trouble keeping the GPU usage high. Framerates will drop then come back up. I haven't tracked down the problem yet. Some possible causes I'm looking into: CPU too slow, VBIOS issue I am leaning towards my CPU, mostly since benchmarks like EVGA OC Scanner don't show this behavior and hold the GPU at 98% until the power limit is hit. This is what it looks like while playing BF4:
  3. Bugii, try downloading 331.82 driver from nvidia and download these files I use. Inf There is 2 files put them in these directories and try run the installer. ListDevices.txt ----> C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\331.82\Win8_WinVista_Win7_64\International nvcvn.inf ----->C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\331.82\Win8_WinVista_Win7_64\International\Display.Driver
  4. Ya my reading on the forums also shows that a 770M works in a 1761. I am still reading different forums and blogs etc trying to find more information before I order the part.
  5. So I've been looking at this GTX780M on Ebay: Alienware M17X M18X VGA Upgrade KIT NEW Nvidia GTX 780M 4GB DDR5 MXM 3 0B | eBay I took some photos of my current GPU/Heat sink that should be compatible with some thermal pads, maybe some grinding. See the pics here https://plus.google.com/photos/110917730069494928611/albums/5889213719355647601 The laptop is: GT780DX Laptop Model# MS-1761 PSN: GT780DX-277US-MB72678G75S7P Bios: American Megatrends version: E1761IMS V1.0H (11/18/2011) Current GPU: GTX570M After reading a ton about MSI laptop GPU upgrades on this forum I am very confused on if this will work or not. I don't have any doubts the card will fit but will it boot is the question? Just wonder if anyone has tried it yet or came across anyone? Its fairly expensive but if the consensus is that it "should" work I'll go ahead and try it out!
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