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  1. Hi guys, A while back, I upgraded the video card in my notebook to a GTX770m, but I could not install the nvidia drivers normally. svl7 helped me out about a year and a half ago by providing an nvcvn.inf file that I could copy into my drivers folder and this allowed me to install the driver. I have attached all of the necessary hardware information in images. Can anyone produce one for me for 344.11 and/or show me how I would go about making one if it is not too difficult to do? Thanks a bunch! Kevin *edit* I tried following the guide on this forum but I failed
  2. Hey svl7, I know this is a while later, but could i possibly get an updated .inf for 337.88? Thanks
  3. It stays in 2D clock (705Mhz). When I play something like WoT my gpu clock goes up to 865mhz, so I know it's in 3D mode. - - - Updated - - - I'm browsing though Manage 3D settings --> Global Settings, but I do not see anything that allows me to select GPU, only the setting "CUDA - GPUs" is available and I have that set to the 770m.
  4. Hi guys, So with the help of svl7, I got my GTX770m successfully working in my MS16f2. Now, I'm experiencing a strange problem on two video-games specifically: Company of Heroes and Garry's Mod 13. I do not believe this is a hardware problem, because other games run fine. In these games, I am experiencing poor framerates (10-15 fps) because my GPU just isn't doing any work. With EVGA precision X, I monitor GPU load in game only to see that it floats around 5-15%. On other games such as World of Tanks, GPU usage floats around 80% and the game runs optimally. My CPU and Ram are not bottle-necking my system either, as they are functioning at normal load levels when the game is running. I have tried to adjust power settings to maximize performance and even overclock the GPU. It simply is not processing video, as if the game wasn't running at all. Does any one have an idea as to what is wrong? Thanks,
  5. @svl7, I restarted my computer and strangely, it went though! The card is now working, and beautifully so! Thank you very much for your help, you are a prophet!
  6. Nevermind, GOT IT TO WORK WOHOO. GOD BLESS svl7!
  7. Well, the guy I bought it from was largely selling these cards for Alienware rigs so I suppose the vBios installed is configured for an Alienware setup. Do you know of any souce/place I can get appropriate GTX770 vBios? I've been talking with svl7 and he's been focusing on writing a config file to force install the drivers, although that hasn't worked yet.
  8. Hey Xonar, I bit the bullet and bought a GTX770m for the MS-16F2, although I'm having installation problems. The computer won't detect the card (Nvidia drivers, GPU-z), although I can see that Nvidia autodetect is identifying the new card. Any idea on how to troubleshoot this? Thanks
  9. It does not seem to work. I uninstalled the old drivers and proceeded to disable signature signing. I then downloaded 320.49 and placed the file in the Display.Driver directory. Any ideas?
  10. Hmm, it seems I still don't have permission to access uploaded files. As soon as I have access, I'll be sure to confirm its success!
  11. Well, the current vBios, as far as I can see, is what GPU-Z is telling me about the adapter. I saved the rom file, but I cannot upload it apparently. Thanks a bunch!
  12. Hi guys, I've gotten myself into a sort of funky pickle: I have installed a GTX770m in my MS-16F2 to replace the now antiquated GTX560m. After some heatsink modification on the mill and new thermal strips, the card went in quite easily. Now, my problem is that Nvidia's software, nor GPUz or any other install-able software will recognize the card. Nearly everything recognizes my display adapter as "Standard VGA adapter". However, when running Nvidia autodetect on my machine, it does detect the GTX770m. Additionally, I backed up the existing vBios on the card and the display adapter was recognized correctly, so I know its not just a matter of having a dead card. I already tried flashing my computer's bios with a newer and unlocked version. The flash was successful, but the video card situation hasn't changed. Does anyone have a version of the GTX770m vBios, or even better, and MSI specific copy? Any help in solving this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks gents
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