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  • Apologies for the downtime. We had to update our backend and theme.
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  1. Version 2.0


    Only for Clevo P75XDMG and P77XDMG. If you like my work DONATE


  2. BAKED BIOS FOR KM, DM, P6, P4 SERIES with most menus and options unlocked. I've also added stock BIOS for these models which you'll find in the download section. These BIOS mods are only for advanced users who know what they are doing, new versions are slowly rolling out. NEW: P7XXDMG version 2.0 is available, fixed and cleaned plus more user friendly. WARNING!! DON'T USE IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!! Don't change any options if unsure what they do, enabling some unsupported options or flashing the wrong BIOS for your model might brick your system i.e. break it. Use these BIOS mods at your own risk, I take no responsibility for bricked systems, be careful! DISCLAIMER: FLASH AT YOUR OWN RISK! BIOS FLASHING MIGHT BE RISKY, THEREFORE IN ORDER TO AVOID FAILURE ONLY FLASH IN DOS AND NEVER TURN OF THE PC UNTIL FLASHING IS DONE AND MAKE SURE THE BATTERY AND AC-ADAPTER ARE CONNECTED TO AVOID POWER FAILURE WHICH MIGHT BRICK YOUR COMPUTER. DM AND KM SERIES P6 AND P4 SERIES INSTRUCTIONS: PAYPAL DONATE ENJOY!
  3. Here are the service manuals for Msi gaming series with part numbers and disassembly process. Msi 16F2 http://www.fildirekt.se/dl/1376647437.pdf Msi 16F1 http://www.fildirekt.se/dl/1376641570.rar Msi GE60 http://www.fildirekt.se/dl/1376624183.rar Msi GT60 http://www.fildirekt.se/dl/1376663955.rar Msi 1761 http://www.fildirekt.se/dl/1376711908.rar Msi 16GA http://www.fildirekt.se/dl/1376669066.rar Msi GX70 http://www.fildirekt.se/dl/1376714131.rar Msi GE70 http://www.fildirekt.se/dl/1376701345.rar Msi GT70 http://www.fildirekt.se/dl/1376668746.rar

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