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  1. Yeah stuff like that from China do tend to be defective sometimes, my guess is that they don't always test the parts before selling it in order to cut costs. Hope it gets sorted out for you.
  2. Are you able to see the VBIOS version in the nvflash log? You might need to flash another VBIOS in order to get the card working in your system. If so you'll probably need to either use a SPI clip and a programmer to do a in circuit programming or desolder the VBIOS SPI flash chip and program it.
  3. Well the Sager BIOS is completely standard except for the Sager logo ^^ my BIOS has a lot of new options added and I'm working on my new versions with updated UEFI drivers and modules, updated microcode, ability to change some BIOS settings from within windows, BIOS screenshot support etc and I'm working on kabylake and coffee coffeelake support too
  4. When I modified VBIOSES years ago I did it using a hexeditor so I'm not familiar with that program but I only unlocked core, memory and voltage adjust and increased TDP without any overclocking and then after flashing my modified VBIOS I used overclocking software with profiles so I could change the OC according to my needs. When I did this on optimus enabled systems there was only the GPUs SPI chip that I needed to flash, on some systems the system BIOS also contains a NVIDIA VBIOS but I've never had to replace it. There should also be a Intel VBIOS but you don't have to do anything with that. I know some ASUS laptops with MXM GPUs didn't have the VBIOS on the MXM card so you'd have to first extract it from the system BIOS, modify it, replace it, rebuild the BIOS and then flash the system BIOS. If you're unsure you should have a SPI programmer a backup of you VBIOS using GPU-Z or something and a sop8 150-mil adapter and some soldering skills, or use a sop8 test clip with the programmer (these can be a pain in the ass to get working and you often have to supply current to the board for it to recognize the chip)
  5. This is all I had the time to do now. mod.rar
  6. Hey y'all! I'm planning on releasing BIOS mods for the newer MSI laptops. So I'm looking for some testers to evaluate my mods and give input. If you're interested just PM me and we'll take it from there
  7. Well I know that there's already mods out there, it's by crossflashing a modified TM BIOS on a DM model, these need to be flashed via an SPI programmer though. Hit me with a PM with your model and I'll take a look at what I can do. I'm planning on releasing mods with Coffee lake support but I need a coffee lake CPU to test them first
  8. There are several threads on requesting BIOS modifications here on T | I but I thought another one wouldn't hurt. Your request should look like: Brand Model Type of modification(For example: Unlocked, added support, Logo, microcode, ME firmware etc I'll respond as soon as I have time as I'm also currently working on other projects(Requests by PM is also ok) If anyone else have the knowledge and time feel free to respond to requests
  9. You are correct! The signal only goes from the dGPU to the screen. In other words DON'T enable it! That's why I hide the IGPU options in my mods..
  10. Aight! Try this: Uninstall intel graphics driver in control panel - restart - get the latest from intel and install - restart - get the latest geforce drivers and check the box "Do a clean install" I hope this will help you. Cheers!
  11. Do you mean you force it to use the CPUs GPU (IGPU) or the Nvidia card (dGPU)?
  12. Version 1.0.0


  13. Version 1.0.0


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