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  1. BAKED

    Screen change on a P870KM1-G

    Disassembly should be quite the same, you'll need a new edp cable for the 4k screen, ceg hardware custom should be able to sell you these for a good price.
  2. Hey y'all. I've been busy with work and other stuff for a while but I'll try and take the time to release new versions for current mods and for new models too. Plus answering PMs and so on.
  3. BAKED

    90 degrees GPU on P150SM-A - Update BIOS?

    As stated above a BIOS update won't change anything. You could try liquid Metal paste but be sure to only apply it on the gpus die. You might also mod the heatsink by adding more pipes.
  4. Well there's alot of power limit override options and I'm not sure if any of those works, I can make a test BIOS for you to try
  5. Hey, I haven't even looked at that problem yet so I don't know if it's fixable.
  6. It will be a while, I'm currently finishing up the P7,P8 and will start with P6,P4 after that which will probably be some weeks from now.
  7. As I've stated earlier I don't support any vBIOS related stuff at the moment sorry. I haven't started with the new versions for P6 series yet sorry.
  8. Soon It's almost done and will be released soon
  9. AFAIK you can't disable the IGPU on Clevo systems with optimus, because the signal from the dGPU is routed through the IGPU so disabling IGPU will result in a black screen as no signal from the dGPU to display will be possible. So don't try it.
  10. Here you go! It's the same BIOS for both. I don't support any VBIOS related stuff at the moment so I don't know if there will be any incompabiities or not because I haven't worked with VBIOS for a couple of years. I have never had any incompability problems myself between the ZM and DM with Nvidia cards, only AMD. But if you chose to try it do so at your own risk. I can make a sript that prevents flashing the wrong BIOS but I don't feel like it's really necessary at the moment
  11. I will make new versions soon
  12. It wont be bricked by flashing the same or a older BIOS. The problem is that you chose a BIOS for the wrong model. The P6xxRX on repo is not for the RS/RP models. You won't be able to do a recovery If you've also flashed the boot block from the wrong BIOS. You will have to reprogam it. If someone would host my BIOS my boot logo will still be there as it wont flash If changed and it will say BAKED in the BIOS.
  13. The TDP on the 6820HK is quite low which will be a limiting factor, it's unlocked but it's rather useless as it can only be slightly overclocked. As KrackDaddyKane said the throttling might be due to power supply issues, either it's bad or the wattage is too low, in that case you need a bigger psu.
  14. It's not that it's too old but rather that it uses phoenix BIOS instead of ami and I only work with ami and insyde, but I might take a look at that BIOS when I have some time
  15. No sorry, that's a really old model. These are for the latest from Clevo.

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