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  1. This is all I had the time to do now. mod.rar
  2. BAKED

    TI 2.0 feedback thread.

    Took care of those spammers never to be seen again. Sleeping with the phishers..
  3. BAKED

    Testers for MSI BIOS mods

    Hey y'all! I'm planning on releasing BIOS mods for the newer MSI laptops. So I'm looking for some testers to evaluate my mods and give input. If you're interested just PM me and we'll take it from there
  4. Well I know that there's already mods out there, it's by crossflashing a modified TM BIOS on a DM model, these need to be flashed via an SPI programmer though. Hit me with a PM with your model and I'll take a look at what I can do. I'm planning on releasing mods with Coffee lake support but I need a coffee lake CPU to test them first
  5. There are several threads on requesting BIOS modifications here on T | I but I thought another one wouldn't hurt. Your request should look like: Brand Model Type of modification(For example: Unlocked, added support, Logo, microcode, ME firmware etc I'll respond as soon as I have time as I'm also currently working on other projects(Requests by PM is also ok) If anyone else have the knowledge and time feel free to respond to requests
  6. BAKED

    Enable Intel graphics on P870TM1G BIOS?

    You are correct! The signal only goes from the dGPU to the screen. In other words DON'T enable it! That's why I hide the IGPU options in my mods..
  7. Aight! Try this: Uninstall intel graphics driver in control panel - restart - get the latest from intel and install - restart - get the latest geforce drivers and check the box "Do a clean install" I hope this will help you. Cheers!
  8. Do you mean you force it to use the CPUs GPU (IGPU) or the Nvidia card (dGPU)?
  9. Are you sure you have a big enough PSU?

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Two haswell mobile Intel core I7 for sale. I7-4800MQ Price 110 USD I7-4700MQ Price 80 USD Price for both 160 USD Only ship within Europe

    160.00 USD

  11. BAKED

    P775DM(G) NEW

    Version 1.0.0



  12. BAKED

    P870TM/1/G NEW

    Version 1.0.0



  13. BAKED

    P75XTM/1/G, P775TM/1G NEW

    Version 1.0.0



  14. BAKED

    Screen change on a P870KM1-G

    Disassembly should be quite the same, you'll need a new edp cable for the 4k screen, ceg hardware custom should be able to sell you these for a good price.

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