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  1. That's very unfortunate, since I've already sold the card
  2. It is in UEFI. Running Windows 10. I don't have "no screen" issue. Both GTX 1060 and intel GPU work. Problem is, Optimus does not work. - it's not possible to switch GPUs. With internal screen I have intel GPU only. With external HDMI screen, I have GTX only. Laptop will never switch to GTX on internal screen.
  3. Keybaord backlight wasn't a deal breaker for me ... white lights worked, just the colors didn't, so screw that. My problem is optimus didnt work at all. The only way to switch to GTX was using external screen. When I used both displays in extended, and run game in windowed mode, it worked fine on ext.screen but as I dragged the window to laptop screen, intel HD kicked in and I had like 10fps. basically the GTX1060 was not rendering to internal screen at all. I've tried DDU, tried several drivers (new, old, even older..) as well as clean OS install on spare HDD. There was no way to switch to GTX with internal screen only. I was convinced the problem is that my card has g-sync. And if I'm not mistaken, G-sync and optimus cannot be on the card at the same time. I was like ok, so the card doesn't have optimus. ...until I found this thread.
  4. Well mine didnt work that way. It never switched to 1060 on built-in screen. I had to connect external screen to HDMI. When disconnected, it didnt switch back to intel - I had to reboot PC. When I put back the old GTX970M, the keyboard backlight worked again. (but I remember it has something to do with motherboard EC firmware, once I flashed wrong one and I had similar issue)
  5. What is the device ID of the card you have ? - AFAIK there are two avaialable - 1C20 and 1C60. One being G-sync one non-G-sync. Mine looks same as yours on the picture but it is probably G-sync version. IIRC its either optimus or gsync. Never both at the same time. Optimus did NOT work in my GT70 4th gen. Card worked well on external screen. But as long as I was using built-in screen, only intelHD was used. Plus, you cannot cross flash 1C20 and 1C60 vBIOS. Edit: mine is 1C60 with vBIOS. Seems like yours too. What the heck ??? I have same card, same system and my card does not support Optimus. Also, the keyboard backlight is all messed up with the card installed - seems like something with EC firmware. Did you change anything in BIOS by chance ? Or was it plug n play + modded inf ? Windows 10 ?
  6. Hello guys. can any of you tech-inferno gurus briefly sum up what do we need, to do a maxwell-pascal upgrade? I'm trying to upgrade 980M to 1060. (the only card that can physically fit in without me cutting hole into chassis.) (I guess small upgrade is better than nothing.) So what are the requirements ? eDP vs LVDS ? G-sync ? 60Hz LCD panel ? Is Optimus problem if GPU is not muxed? (I can disable iGPU in BIOS, display port and HDMI is directly connected to dGPU) Any other ideas what's necessary or what could cause some troubles?
  7. Bugii

    Frankensteins lappy

    i7-4xxxQM will also work. Can't read the chip code from that picture. But that should be the same for all gtx 1060 chips. And yes, it looks like it's MSI PCB. This has not been tested yet however. So far, 980M is the best confirmed GPU you can get.
  8. Bugii

    Frankensteins lappy

    Hmm they say asus in description. It doe snot have G-sync enabled. Neither does SLI bridge. And you need eDP not LVDS. That's what it says in description if I'm not mistaken.
  9. Bugii

    Frankensteins lappy

    I see. that would need a really heavy chassis modding. New board is longer so I guess you'd need to sacrifice one HDD and optical drive in order to cut a hole into chassis to stick this in. Custom made heatsink is also necessary. GTX1060 MXM3.0b here: https://world.taobao.com/item/538144341448.htm?spm=a312a.7700714.0.0.wm7MeZ#detail Yes, standard MXM 3.0b - GTX 980M next to it for comparison. I wanted 1070 but those cards are bigger, won't fit into my GT70 chassis, and they have additional power connector. This one looks compatible.
  10. Bugii

    Frankensteins lappy

    Nothing is impossible my friend I saw a post here on T|I of a guy who soldered desktop GTX980 core to a mobile PCB and got it working. Respect. Interesting results. So yeah, it looks like the GT70 (1763) is better option. Since GT72 does not support Pascal cards (yet) There's really no point of upgrading GT70 to GT72. Both of them can utilize GTX980M (off topic. I found some ASUS GTX 1060 mxm cards. I'm buying one and I'll see if it will work in my GT70. I'll post the results once I have it) Could be just a "wrong picture" - not the actual photo of the board. Better ask the seller first. yes, this is exactly the point. If you ONLY want an upgrade, just get GT70 motherboard - the one for 1763 version and stick 980M in it. But some people don't care about getting better machine. They are doing this just to see if it is possible. - That's why bother to be the first one to do it.
  11. Bugii

    Frankensteins lappy

    Board can be obtained here. http://www.laptopinventory.com/ModelDetail.php/MSI/GT Series/GT72 2QE/Motherboards ~ System/36168 note, this was just a quick google search, I have no experience with that shop. Yes, planning without having the board in hands is challenge. You could try to find and buy damaged board for cheap - just to have something to try if it fits and then get the working one. Question is, the board costs 450bucks. You can find completely working (although used/refurbished) GT72 on ebay for about 1000usd. IMHO it would be much less of a risk to simply sell GT70 and buy used GT72 (assuming you have 450 for the board already) and you're done. Or if your goal is not to have GT72 but to do this "frankenstein project" instead, you can buy used GT72 and simply sell the parts you don't use. Please note, GT72 has "xxxxHQ" cpu. It's soldered to mobo, unlike the one you have in GT70 now.
  12. 90C is okay for haswell CPU. I have 4810MQ too and these temps are normal under heavy load. Not sure about GTX880M, I have 970M and it goes up to 75. I can imagine 880M running hotter. Don't forget the GPU and CPU heatsink are bridged. Hot CPU will warm cold GPU a little and vice versa. Try new thermal grease and see if it helps. Haswell increases voltage with frequency and load. You can install intel XTU and decrease voltage offset a little. Decrease just a little, run some stress test and see if it's stable. Decrease more and see. Basically google how to decrease voltage on Haswell with XTU.
  13. Bugii

    Frankensteins lappy

    it's not just motherboard. HDD boards are different, GT70 has DisplayPort where eSATA used to be, etc. We discussed this in the past, there are some other components you will need to get to make this "frankenstein". Pictures included in the post. Perhaps some case modifications will be necessary too. But if you are skilled enough, you could make it work. If you do, don't forget to let us know. And perhaps add some pictures too. (Thunderbolt in the background and you screaming "It's alive !!! " ) read more here: and here:
  14. This is really a joke. I'm still waiting here for first pictures of triangular or circular PCBs
  15. Correct vBios is what you need. No need to mess with mainboard BIOS. Problem is, you cannot flash MSI vBIOS to Dell card for example. Not all the cards are the same - you're gonna need to do some research. I had Clevo 770M, this card is same (physically identical) as MSI 770M. Flahed MSI vBIOS and all works well. GPU is detected by nVidia installer.
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