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  1. Hi everyone, i have a laptop sager 8230 with gtx 770m 75 watt card. I want to upgrade it to the new gtx 970m 81 watt card. I contacted Sager and ask if my laptop can upgrade its gpu and they say no. But i think its possible, the only difference i can find is that 970m needs 6 watts more, it dosent look like a big deal to me. Also i found a ebay seller that said 970m is supported for my model. Let me know what you think!
  2. Hello techinferno community, I will show what overclocks i use and a few tips on how to overclock with other card you might have. This is for GTX 770m and with Bios Modded, Clevo/Sager laptop np8230 Before Overclock: Heaven Benchmark 4.0 Results: After Overclock: Heaven Benchmark 4.0 Results: Max Temp was 80C with Gpu Stress FurMark on my laptop, may vary. You can push it even further tho but il stay with these sets. I also notice that you need to have a distance between Core Clock and Voltage values, if you see in the pic, it was a 5 value, like core 1001 and voltage 1006 or any higher clock with that distance set, without this rule i would have FPS drops ingame. May vary with other GPU's and Games! Tips on overclocking GPU Memory clocks: You can push it until you reach the point where you don't get artifacts. Example if my stock is 4008 and i push it to 5192 but get artifacts sometimes or always, lower it by 5 and keep testing until you get it stable. Also you can't push it further by increasing voltage. Core Clock: You can push this one until a point where your screen won't freeze, to continue overclocking it you will need to increase your voltage. Take in mind that if you put too much voltage it will cause problems. I experienced FPS drops while playing, even if i stand stood ingame.
  3. I just have bad luck can't upgrade to any card stuck with gtx 770m, also those are pretty expensive. Today i just notice 980m has aprox 10% more power than 780 ti that is insane!
  4. Do you have support for P151SM1 (NP8230)?
  5. Well let me explain my situation. I have sager/clevo P151MSM1 (NP8230) with gtx 770m and i want to flash my vbios to unlock voltages etc etc. Using the vbios i found here; http://forum.techinferno.com/general-notebook-discussions/1847-nvidia-kepler-vbios-mods-overclocking-editions-modified-clocks-voltage-tweaks.html Is there any tips or suggestions you can provide me before i proceed. I don't want to brick my card, also i am new to this. Your help will be appreciated thank you.
  6. I would go defenely with Alienware 18, consider that; it has more potential, more upgrade expansion, great cooling, great design, also check if its in good condition before buyin and you feel satisfied with it. The other option is not horrible its just not the best.
  7. Hi everyone. I have sager/clevo np8230, I was wondering if upgrading CPU would help me get more FPS I currently have 4700mq it's a pretty great chip. I actually play bf3 and maybe bf4. So let me know what you think about performance...Oh and i have gtx 770m.I'm new to all these if you could explain it I would really appreciate it.
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