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  1. I'm currently with the i7 720QM ^^ What exactly do you mean with heatsink? (sorry my english is a little bit buggy ^^), do you mean a cooling plate? Okay and where can i buy the GTX 770M?
  2. Okay Okay, i think i must life with that ^^ But could you give me some points why? and is there absolute no way to get a newer CPU to run?
  3. Works like a charm for me (MS16-F1@MSI-GX660r) Just a little question, is it good to enable Xtreme Edition upport for i7 720QM? And could i put a i7 3rd gen. into my laptop with full supported features (clock and so on)? Thanks for the wonderfull Bios mod!!
  4. Does your gt60 own a mxm3.0 interface?
  5. This looks freaking awesome, i will also try this with my laptop ^-^ Let's see what my baby becomes to Will post it here if this idea success
  6. Hello, Thanx for the reply. The CPU, 1. okey, so its not possibly or better said its not worth to by an Intel over first Generation into my gx660? :/ 2. Is it worth to upgrade from an slower i7 1st gen to a 'faster' i7 1st gen? The GPU. So its realy possible to insert a nvidia card Boot up install the right driver and everything works? *-* And whats with the temp. Control fan and so in, even HDMI will work after upgrading to an nvidia card? THX in advance for reply
  7. What Graphic card is stock in your laptop? I would also love to upgrade to a nvidia card, but i have an ati card in my laptop, so is it possibly to upgrade mxm3 cards?
  8. Hy, i dont know if this helps you, but ... I am using the latest beta drivers for about 4 mounths now on my GX660r (ATi Mobility Radeon HD 5870 & i7 firstgen) My Graphic card is a little bit overclocked (Stock: gpu@700MHz mem@1000MHz 1.05V) now running smooth with latest beta driver at gpu@850MHz mem@1020MHz with a voltage of 1.15V And i play bf4 at middle/high grapics AG 1920x1080 @smooth 55-60fps
  9. Hello there, I own the MSI GX660r with 1st gen Intel Core i7 and an ATI Mobility Radeon HD5870 graphics Card, I allready overclocked my Graphic Card at 820Mhz GPU Speed, and Overvolted it to 1,10V. Seems to run smooth so far. But my Question is, Is it possible to get a new CPU in the GX660r? Something like an i5 3th or 4th gen.? an a better graphic card? i allready read some thing about this, for example that this is no possible with an Nvidia card. but still possibly with an similar ati card like a card from the 6xxx series. Sorry for my bad English i am from Austria
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