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  1. Hahaha! I just checked this post about 20 minutes ago to see if anyone replied. Since then I've been digging around. For some reason I was trying to execute the .exe file which obviously wasn't working. After doing some research I figured out that I just needed to type in ECALL.bat and was good to go. Running at 1046MHz/5.2GBps and a SOLID, STEADY AND SEXY 3.3GHZ (31x106.5MHz overclock) WITH PRIME 95 AND FURMARK! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOO! No constant throttles anymore! I can actually play games! This is WONDERFUL. Thank you for the help! - - - Updated - - - Oh sweet jesus this is glorious. My Combined score in 3dmark11 isn't 3000 anymore!
  2. Can anyone help me with the procedure? Also, I have the MSI GT70 unlocked BIOS. Would it still be okay?
  3. How exactly would I do that? I have a DOS bootable USB drive that I use for flashing my VBIOS and such. I just don't know the commands, etc.
  4. Hello Techinferno! I'm relatively new to these forums, but so far they've already helped me a ton. So here's my problem. For some reason, it seems whenever my GTX 680m 4GB is drawing a decent amount of power, my CPU throttles down to 1.2GHz for no apparent reason. I've spent the last 2 months trying to figure out the problem and that's what I've figured out thus far. When running prime95, my CPU will run at a steady 3.1GHz as it should and will slowly climb to only 75c with the turbo fan on (Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra is magical, hit 95c with stock paste). However, as soon as I start a furmark stress test, boom. Down to 1.2GHz instantly. And no matter what I do with throttlestop, I can't seem to change it at all. Now, when I put my GTX680m to minimum speeds in MSI afterburner, which is 405MHz/1300MHz (using unlocked BIOS) my CPU will boost up to anywhere between 2.3Ghz to 3.1GHz and bounce in between. I could be very wrong, but it seems like my system is not receiving enough power or something. This happens in games as well. For example, in BF4, my CPU will be chugging along at 3.1GHz and then boom, 1.2GHz and about 20FPS. I've found a temporary fix (well, bandage) using throttlestop. If I turn off turbo boost, I will stay at 2.3GHz and will not throttle at all, however I won't boost passed that either which is still a bit of a bottleneck for my 680m. This does not work with Prime95+Furmark for some reason. I guess it draws too much power, where in BF4, 3.1GHz is too much and 2.3GHz is okay. I read the tomshardware review of the GT70 Dragon Edition 2. They said this "We observed the power supply pulling 179 W from the wall. This is not what we were expecting. Generously assuming 90% efficiency, 179 W at the wall is 162 W to the machine. With the CPU rated for 57 W, the overclocked GPU at 100 W, and the rest of the components pulling 10 W or more, the GT70 should be registering a little more than what we measured. The day after I wrapped this story up, MSI sent us an updated BIOS for the GT70 Dragon Edition 2, changing the power consumption characteristics of the machine and increasing performance. Now the system pulls up to 194 W from the wall during games. Strangely, with a full synthetic CPU and GPU load, it only pulls 187, suggesting something is throttling back a bit." Could I be experiencing a similar issue? I am running the modded GT70 0NE BIOS and the unlocked MSI GTX680m BIOS at stock voltage from this website. Any and all help is much appreciated. Thanks so much for your time and help!
  5. The BIOS flash fixed the detection problems and all that. I was running the latest version of afterburner and drivers. Everything is being detected and monitored correctly now. I have a feeling the reason why the first buyer of this laptop sent it back was because the BIOS was bugged on delivery. However, still hitting 90c when playing BF4 in about 3 minutes of gaming and it starts to throttle. Going to open her up and put on some Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra. Just ran out though, so it looks like I'm going to order some more on Ebay from Thailand since it seems to be the ONLY way in the universe to get some in Canada. Great stuff though! Thanks for your time and effort to try and help me though, but it seems the main issue is solved I was starting to regret getting a refurbished laptop.
  6. Okay, so I'm running the BIOS now. Everything seems great except that I can't seem to find where to tweak the bsclk in the BIOS. Is it unlocked in this version?
  7. Thanks a lot for your time and efforts! I got an awesome deal on a GT70 GTX 680m, 64GBx2 RAID0 and 3610qm for 1250$. I was dissapointed that the CPU wasn't the 3630qm, but hey, raise that bclk to 103.5 and bam! I have a 3630qm!
  8. My GTX 680m is having some strange and serious issues. It instantly spikes to 90c as soon as furmark starts and performance is very bad. MSI afterburner is reading it very strangely too. I have a GT70 0NE and I bought this laptop refurbished. Do you think that flashing the BIOS might fix it? Also, new here. Need 5 posts. I made a post on this thread but it didn't seem to go through.
  9. Hey, I have a GTX680M 4GB in a MSI GT70. For some reason, when I update to the latest drivers from Nvidia, MSI afterburner will not detect the GPU properly at all I can't change the core clock, but memory clock can be changed and MSI afterburner reports that the core clock sticks at 324MHz. However, using 302.75, MSI afterburner detects it better and I can do +135MHz on the core and +1000 on the mem. However, the GPU clock seems to be detected very strangely. Furmark reports that it constantly stays at 324MHz, MSI afterburner jumps everywhere between 324 and 771, and GPU-z stays at a steady 771MHz. I think it may be a BIOS related problem. Do you think flashing the BIOS would be a good idea? Should I update the drivers before doing so? Also, new here. Have to make 5 posts. Wanted to put out my problem to contribute and hopefully help others who may be experiencing similar issues. Any help is appreciated!
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