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  1. seamon

    Y500 Question.

    I had 8GB Hynix RAM@1.5v in one slot. I added another 4 GB Samsung RAM @1.35v in the other slot. I got 12 GB now. It's running fine for weeks now. CAS Latency is same. I guess that's enough. I also have a 128 GB Plextor M5M msata SSD setup as a boot drive. So does my laptop needs any more upgrades or is it good for a couple of years? PS:I have both the SLI card and the DVD Drive. - - - Updated - - - Also games barely utilize the CPU. Max i have seen is 50-60% usage so I guess it's enough.
  2. Works perfectly on my Y500.
  3. Does any bios mod exists for this device? Dell Inspiron 15 with core i7 4500U and AMD HD 8850M.
  4. seamon

    Y500 Question.

    So the 3632QM is sufficient for now? What about 3840QM will that heat up too? Should I consider the upgrade say 1 year later or is it better to get an entirely new laptop then?
  5. seamon

    Y500 Question.

    Is it possible to change the processor of Y500(I have 3632QM) to Haswell? Will it be possible when Broadwell launches? Is it possible to install a desktop CPU? Sorry for the noob question.
  6. Where can I get a custom laptop paint job done for eg they do on xotic PC
  7. 28 secs boot speed 540 seq read and 320 write. Awesome performance.
  8. Won't be a gaming lappy no more. The GPU will be utterly trashed at 4k resolution.
  9. seamon

    Laptop Cooling Pad

    I got a home made one made of cardboard LOL with LEDs. It just exposes the air sucking fans.
  10. I got the Plextor M5M 128GB. using it as the windows drive. Windows rating for disk speed =8.1 WIndows boots in 28 secs. 540MBps sequential read and 320 write.
  11. Just get a 128GB msata SSD already. I am using Plextor M5M and windows score index is already 8.1 for disk speed.
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