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M18X my video collection

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Hello guys, here is the collection of the Alienware M18X videos i made, i hope you will enjoy it :)

M18X General Overview

M18X Noise Level Test

M18X HDMI-IN Test with a PS3

M18X Heaven Unigine Benchmark everything Extreme

M18X Heaven Unigine Benchmark Standard Settings

M18X CPU Heavy Rendering Test with Vue9

M18X The Witcher 2 first video

M18X The Witcher 2 second video

M18X The Witcher 2 third video

M18X Crysis 2 Test

M18X Melting the CPU

M18X Melting the GPU

M18X Overclocking guide for 6970M Crossfire

M18X The Witcher 2 with 6970M CrossfireOverclocked

Edited by Carlo Ivo Alimo Bianchi
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Thanks so much man, i am going to make more videos of course so the page will be in constant editing mode.

If anyone as any requests for a special video you are welcome, this is how all of this started on youtube: users were requesting videos and i made them.

Because of my job i get Ubisoft games easily so if you want to see any Ubisoft game performing on the Alienware M18X feel free to request it and i will make the video.

If you have also a request for any non Ubisoft game feel free anyway to ask, i could buy it to show it to you anyway depending on the mood of the day :)

For everything else, there is Mastercard.

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+1 for those videos. You did a wonderful job creating those videos, I really enjoyed them. Welcome to Tech Inferno, glad you joined and I look forward to more of those.

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