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  1. Just tested and this Driver is hella awesomes - well at least it doesn't throttle. Thanks heaps J95!!!!
  2. Hey J95, I just tried these new 347.88 drivers on my Alienware 18 and they seem to install okay however when running benches and games the clocks seem to be stuck at only 540Mhz core and 1600Mhz mem. Any ideas? Also i just tried to OC and it only allows me to do the core but the memory keeps bouncing back. Strange. Cheers.
  3. Brilliant - Thanks heaps for that info! Exactly what I was looking for!
  4. Heya Peeps! Sorry I'm gonna be a new CLevo P370EM owner soon and already have a GTX 970M GPU. I'm reading around but just wanted to get a clear straight answer from the experts here. I was just wondering if there was anything special i needed to do to make the GPU work. Do i need to install windows 8 or will 7 work? Do i need to be running a certain version of the system bios and vbios for the GPU? Or will it be plug and play? Anything else i might need to know? My 1st ever Clevo machine! Thanks heaps!
  5. Just checking that those whom have upgraded to the 980M or 970M on the Alienware 17s or R4s are able to run Win 7 fine? Win 8.1 full UEFI mode is not required? Thanks
  6. No difference as far as I know. However just let them know which system you will be install the GPU into. That is normally how they do things.
  7. There are a few places Champ! Eurocom VGA http://www.clevo-extreme-gaming.com/NVIDIA_GEFORCE_GTX_980M_8GB_GDDR5/p2920174_13333336.aspx Laptop Video Cards :: nVidia GTX 980M 8GB Video Card for Clevo Laptops - R&J Technology, Clevo Barebone Notebook kits, Laptop and desktop system builder HIDevolution NVIDIA GTX 980M 8GB Upgrade Kit for Alienware 17 and M17x R4
  8. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M video card benchmark result - Genuine Intel® CPU 0 @ 2.40GHz,Alienware M18xR1 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M video card benchmark result - Genuine Intel® CPU 0 @ 2.40GHz,Alienware M18xR1 Cheers.
  9. Hey Champ! Sorry too hear of all the troubles you are currently having. My 780M was also a clevo one like yours. So I would say it is using the same vbios. I am currently using svl7's unlocked vbios from here. Cheers.
  10. Hey bikaso, Awesome upgrade Champ! WOW your coming from a 460M ey! Now that is a massive jump in performance. It certainly would be great if you could purchase the 330W PSU. It will help you a lot. + they are so cheap on Amazon and ebay atm. So I would highly recommend you pick one up. I had a look at your benchmark score and it is totally fine. Good job. My GPU heatsinks were the 100W ones as I previously had 6990M GPUs and am running AMD 7970Ms as well atm. So I would also recommend you getting the proper Nvidia GPU 100W heatsink. I know that the 780M gets slightly hotter than previous generation GPUs. So i would keep an eye on temps if you are worried about your 75W GPU heatsink atm. Other than that congrats on the upgrade bro! I'm sure you will be enjoying it heaps. Good Stuff! Cheers.
  11. Your gonna love the 780M's for folding lol! Should also make for some fun benching!!! HEHE! Cheers.
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