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  1. Thanks so much man, i am going to make more videos of course so the page will be in constant editing mode. If anyone as any requests for a special video you are welcome, this is how all of this started on youtube: users were requesting videos and i made them. Because of my job i get Ubisoft games easily so if you want to see any Ubisoft game performing on the Alienware M18X feel free to request it and i will make the video. If you have also a request for any non Ubisoft game feel free anyway to ask, i could buy it to show it to you anyway depending on the mood of the day For everything else, there is Mastercard.
  2. Hello guys, here is the collection of the Alienware M18X videos i made, i hope you will enjoy it M18X General Overview M18X Noise Level Test M18X HDMI-IN Test with a PS3 M18X Heaven Unigine Benchmark everything Extreme M18X Heaven Unigine Benchmark Standard Settings M18X CPU Heavy Rendering Test with Vue9 M18X The Witcher 2 first video M18X The Witcher 2 second video M18X The Witcher 2 third video M18X Crysis 2 Test M18X Melting the CPU M18X Melting the GPU M18X Overclocking guide for 6970M Crossfire M18X The Witcher 2 with 6970M CrossfireOverclocked
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