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  1. [Tutorial] Dual 330W AC Adapter Mod

    I made a small experiment. I connected the Y90RR PSU together with my two XM3C3 PSU'S to get 990 watt. But it seems like the Y90RR do not work together with XM3C or just don't like multi-psu-mods. Anyway it will only deliver 90 watt max. When connected alone it can deliver 330 watt. It would be nice if someone can confirm that 3x XM3C3 PSU's can deliver 990 watt. Because 2x gtx 980m and a i7 2960xm can pull way more than 660 watt. Even though hwinfo64 measures like this: Gtx 980m 140 watt Gtx 980m 140 watt CPU 100 watt If I overclock the CPU to 4.9 ghz and keeps the GPU at stock it pulls 810 watt. If I want to keep the watt at 660 watt I need to set the CPU to 3.2 ghz. So if you have a i7 QM CPU and gtx 980m SLI you will not gain anything in games by upgrading to a XM or K CPU.
  2. [unlocked] M18x R1 BIOS versions

    Then download the modded bios version A5 from the first post. Remember you only have access if you give 5 quality post or something like that. If you need some interesting threads, or inspiration here is three:
  3. [unlocked] M18x R1 BIOS versions

    You may want to flash a vbios too if it does not work right away. Here is some tips: Do not completely put the Alienware back together before you know for sure the card is working. Install the modded bios before anything else. If you just get black screen after mounting the graphics card, unmount it again, turn on the laptop, go to bios and set the video setting to SW (switchable graphics). Now put back the graphics card and flash a new vbios. When finished see if you can switch the video setting to PEG now.
  4. [Tutorial] Dual 330W AC Adapter Mod

    Yes it was only showing the half of the powerdraw but the performance was correct. I just realized when overclocking 2 gtx 980m and the CPU, two PSU is not enough. Mr.fox described similar issue somewhere. I believe the solution was to connect the ID cable to the negative (black) cable.
  5. [Tutorial] Dual 330W AC Adapter Mod

    Very understandable. It seems like it is the wattmeter because it doesn't matter if it say 330 watt or 660 watt the performance is the same. But I see now that 2x 330watt is still not enough if I want to overclocke while running SLI. With both gtx 980m at stuck I can maximum overclock the CPU to 4.4 ghz. Even there it sometimes pulls 700 watt. If I overclock it to 4.9 ghz the gaming performance drops in SLI because it reaches 800 watt in no time. Overclock both gtx 980m is a no-go I can sometimes keep it around 660 watt if the CPU only is clock to 4.0 ghz Actually when running single gtx 980m I can have 4.6 ghz on the CPU and +181mhz core, +469mhz memory and +56mv on the GPU and it will pull almost 600 watt!
  6. [Tutorial] Dual 330W AC Adapter Mod

    What exactly does the diodes do? Also can you make a simple schematic how you connect them?
  7. [Tutorial] Dual 330W AC Adapter Mod

    Okay now I am getting somewhere. Yesterday I forced the problem to come back. Before I went to bed, I toke out the wattmeter from the wall leaving it on the table and connected the power strip directly to the wall, leaving the power on for the PSUs. This morning I switched off the power, toke the power strip out of the wall, plug in the wattmeter connected the power strip, switched the power back on a voilà it was working again. Now I am pretty sure the whole issue is the wattmeter!!! What I need to test now, is if the wattmeter is showing wrong values, or if it is causing a bottleneck. I tested it on my clothes dryer and I shows 4.000 watt. So it can indeed show large values. But it is still very strange behaviour.
  8. [Tutorial] Dual 330W AC Adapter Mod

    Hmm... I start thinking it might be my wattmeter that is showing wrong or cause the problems. The order everything is connected is Wall to Wattmeter to Power strip to PSUs to Adapter to Computer. I tried different things to provoke the problem. No matter which combination I disconnected and reconnected the PSUs from the power strip, I could not provoke the problem. Even restarting the computer did not do anything. The last thing I tried was turning the switch off on the wall and turning I back on. This made the problem come back? This is very strange???
  9. [Tutorial] Dual 330W AC Adapter Mod

    I measure loads directly from the wall. What country do you come from? By the way, my latest theory seems to be right. It seems to starte working after sitting all night with no power. I was wondering why? When it had no power connected, I could still measure some few volt. I got the theory that maybe the PSUs needs to be drained completely. After letting it sit for 6 hours I could measure 20mv. I tried turning everything one and the problem was still there. Now I tried letting it sit for 8 hours. Then it was measuring 1mv. I tried power it back on and voilà it was working. The next thing I will try is to only let one PSU drain. Maybe I am able to be located the sick PSU after all. By the way I measured the volt coming out of the dual adaptor. When disconnecting both PSU I measure 0mv. So no power is stuck in the adaptor. Only the PSUs.
  10. [Tutorial] Dual 330W AC Adapter Mod

    Hmm... I noticed, when there is no problem, when I turn on the alienware it first pulls 200 watt then it go down to 118 watt until it is finished booting up. Then it settles at 147 watt. When the problem is there I can already see it when I turn it on, because under the whole boot season it pull 80 watt and when finished it settles at 105 watt. What the hell can be causing this strange behaviour? Because now after one night without using it. It is now working again???
  11. [Tutorial] Dual 330W AC Adapter Mod

    And now, out of nowhere the problem is back. I just disconnected everything to move it to a different table so I could clean everything. When finished I turned everything on and boom! Not working!!! I think I just give up... To troubleshoot what can be the problem will probably cost too much money and effort. It can be the rectifier, it can be the inputs, it can be the cables, it can be one of the PSUs or it could be both, it can be the motherboard. The only thing that would be nice, is if someone could make a very cheap adapter, that is tested and working 100% and let me borrow it to see if it is just my build that is the problem.
  12. [Tutorial] Dual 330W AC Adapter Mod

    Here is the final result, I used the same colour as my car, a metallic blood red. What could be very cool would give it some sort of coating which changes colour as it gets hotter. But first I need to test it for the long gaming sessions.
  13. [Tutorial] Dual 330W AC Adapter Mod

    That looks very professional! At the moment it seems to still be working. Also I am still using my rectifier so it seems like the whole problem was the cables. Today I will try isolate the cables inside my adapter, screw everything together, close it up and call it finished. I am excited to try reinstall windows 10 again. I am pretty sure it will work with the mod. Also I have start making some driver comparison, because I saw a video with Linudtechtips were the tested many drivers to see if Nvidia cripples their GPUs. Their conclusion is no. But they only tested desktop GPU. Laptop GPUs get crippled like hell by Nvidia!!! I already tried the latest driver from Nvidia and compared to 388. It drops around 10 FPS in SLI, and with a single card it drops 20 FPS because it starts throttling. 388 and 383 modified runs flawlessly!
  14. [Tutorial] Dual 330W AC Adapter Mod

    Okay finally, I think I managed to get it to work. To understand what did I need to make some things clear. I have 3 PSUs Two model XM3C3 One model Y90RR The difference is the cables: XM3C3 is having a thick cable with 2 white (+) wires, 2 black (-) wires and 1 green ID wire. Y90RR is having a thin cable with 1 white (+), 1 black (-) and 1 green ID wire. To connect the adaptor to the Alienware I used the cable from a XM3C3. That means I used a XM3C3 PSU and a Y90RR to power everything. Later I tried connecting 2 XM3C3 PSUs, but because I used the cable from the first XM3C3 to connect the adaptor to the alienware, I stole the cable from the Y90RR and connected it to the XM3C3. I was still having problems. What I did to make it work was using the Y90RR cable to connect the adaptor to the alienware instead of the XM3C3 cable. So now I am using 2 pure XM3C3 PSUs to power everything. Also I made sure everything had big surfaces to solder together. I keep my fingers crossed.
  15. [Tutorial] Dual 330W AC Adapter Mod

    That will be nice. Also I might have a theory for what could be the problem. I haven't tested it yet but I suspect the ID cable might cause some problems. Some times the alienware says the PSU is not recognised, it doesn't might how the PSU's is connected. Sometimes it disappears when I disconnected the cable from the computer and put it back it, but not always. What makes it go away for sure is if I connect one of the PSU's directly to the computer. Maybe you could test these combinations? Disconnect the ID cable completely then try running a benchmark also using throttle stop and see if the GPU starts throttling when it is around 240 watt. Also it should not go above 240watt. Then try the same but only connect one ID cable. I expect it to max out at 330watt. The last thing is connect one ID cable to the ground cable. I see Mr.Fox talking about on another thread, connecting the ID cable to ground, let's the PSU give maximum output. If this is true you should get 660 watt. If all this is correct, then its my PSUs or adapter that is having problems sending and receiving the correct ID information.

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