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  1. Oh! GTX 980m!!! I totally misunderstood! I thought you were talking about the GTX 980 mod where you swap the GTX 980m core with a GTX 980 core.
  2. Oh I was talking about the core swap what temps you used, what tools and what techniques to solder and desolder.
  3. Sorry to interrupt you two, but can you share your core swap process. I am going to attempt it myself and would gladly hear some "do and don'ts" and get some good advice.
  4. It sounds a little like you are mixing some things together. First of, either you have Nvidia Optimus + 60hz configuration Or None-optimus + 120hz Understanding the configuration: 60hz uses the lvds connector. The lvds connector can use pure external graphics and integrated graphics or both at the same time called Nvidia Optimus. Bios Settings are called: PEG = Pure external graphics IGFX = Pure integrated graphics SG = Both at the same time PEG is the best setting. I would uninstall the Nvidia first, then switch to PEG and install the driver again to make sure I got rid of the Nvidia Optimus configuration. Understanding the configuration: 120hz uses the EDP connector, (the one with screws). It only support pure external graphics. If the integrated graphics is active in any way and the laptop tries to use it, it will cause 8 beeps. Also it only support Nvidia graphics, AMD graphics will cause 8 beeps too. Also before upgrading to 120hz I will uninstall all graphics drivers and make sure the bios is set correctly. P.S. MSI Gtx 1070 only supports EDP and can only run in pure UEFI mode, otherwise is will give 8 beeps. So to avoid a lot of headache, convert your harddrive from MBR to GPT to make it run in UEFI mode, then set BIOS to UEFI, then install windows 10. If you only have lvds connector (60hz) you need the integrated graphics to convert the signal. There for you will need to use SG in bios and Nvidia Optimus to run both at the same time. Sometimes when configuring everything, it is a good Idea to try loading default settings in bios first before changing the settings. It can happen that some settings you made can conflict with each other.
  5. Even if it seems graphics card related it is possible it could be the network driver or some other driver that is causing the issue. I can't remember how you find it, but windows error log might give a clue what is going on. If you find an error where WFP is mentioned, it is the network driver. Also try these suggestions: https://www.google.dk/amp/s/windowsreport.com/orange-screen-of-death-pc-fix/%3famp?espv=1 Also try using hwinfo64 to set your fans to run at max speed. Even though it might not be the issue, the vram runs extremely hot! Don't overclock them. Remember how the heatsink is designed, if the core is 81c the the vram is at least 81c too or more.
  6. Also don't expect Nvidia 3D vision to work. I have tried but even though Nvidia 3D stereotypic appears at device manager, there is no settings for 3D vision in Nvidia control panel. No matter what driver I have tried it will nok work. Also Nvidia has discontinued support for 3D vision so new drivers will probably not even have 3d vision installer at all. By the way you must run you bios in UEFI mode to get the 120hz screen to work. Legacy is not supported.
  7. Also one of the two unknown devices is your free fall sensor I would guess. The order could be the cardreader. Right click on the devices and choose properties. Go to details and choose hardware ID. Copy the hardware ID and search on Google. Then you will know what they are.
  8. Hello Bludbubbles. First to get the 120hz: In bios you need to go to the video configuration. Enter settings for integrated GPU and be sure to set it to disabled. Also the video output should be set to Always PEG. I can post pictures of my bios if you want to.
  9. Yes a 120hz is 1920x1080 The way you can find out if you have a 120hz. If you have AMD graphics card = no If you have gtx 660m or lower = no If you use Nvidia Optimus = no If you have a sticker saying "3D vision" = yes If you go into Nvidia control panel, desktop resolution, and can set the resolution to 120hz = yes If you take off the keyboard, then you can see the screen connector, if it has screws on each side, it is 120hz if not it is 60hz.
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