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1 hour ago, Mr. Fox said:

Great CPU you have there Brother @Papusan. Good job.


So far, this is the best I can manage. Not bad, but not as good as your result.




It's not a big difference. There are some 6700K which manages max around 4.6 GHz. This even in a desktop. Then you can imagine how these chips work in a laptop. + 4.6/4.7 GHz in a laptop is basically approved is my opinion. 

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Here's my best on the baby beast 'El Cazador' and I am pretty confident I can bring this down further disabling background applications and services. Nothing disabled on this run except Clevo Command Center bloatware crap. If I could change keyboard LED colors without that junky software, I would never install it. Maybe Clevo will give us a standalone utility option for LED color controls separate from Control Center someday, or maybe a third-party app like some have developed for Alienware would be just as good.




This is kind of interesting to look at. Showing the progress (or how little thereof, depending on one's perspective,) Intel has made with quad core CPUs since 2920XM. Except for the 4930MX the quads are all 4.8GHz scores. The 4930MX score is 4.9GHz.





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2 hours ago, str8_an94baller said:

@Mr. Fox


What is your GPU only score for the Firestrike normal on p870dm 980? The leaked GT72 1080M does 16500+ on stock vbios/early drivers.

(Clevo P870) Stock GTX980 firestrike with  @Prema  vbios http://www.3dmark.com/fs/8623432


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Man, I hate XTU. Every time I use it my machine ends up being unstable after a reboot and I have to clear NVRAM to get it working right again. What a piece of trash. Too much trouble for a meaningless benchmark. I've uninstalled it again.

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That might work, but XTU is more or less worthless and serve no useful purpose on the P870DM-G with @Prema BIOS. The unlocked BIOS has far more settings than XTU does. I only installed it to help @TBoneSan figure some things out on his machine and while I had it installed I did some benching, but now it's gone again and I have no reason to use it. It also causes the fan tables to malfunction on this model for some reason. They haven't released an update for XTU since last year when Skylake was brand new, so maybe it has some compatibility issues with the Z170 chipset.

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XTU wasn't really meant for laptops and most boards not manufactured by Intel. It was used as an improvision if you didn't have something else for your board.  And since all the big names had over clocking utilites, intel decided to come with their own.

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