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  1. very nice bro. did you get the memory thing figured out?
  2. So I bought a new EVOC with 1080 SLI. I've been reading on that "other" forum, this guy bought one and the fans are really loud even at idle and 6700K runs hot and you have to take some foil or whatever off the inside of the back cover, the Gpus throttle. I've got a couple of days left before it ships and I'm really thinking I made an expensive mistake. Any feedback from you guys would be most appreciated.
  3. @Mr. Fox Congrats on your new machine.
  4. Great scores @Mr. Fox I see you got those 2 bad boys going. Did you sell your Panther and get another Clevo?
  5. Well this it for me. Can't squeeze 1 more point out of this chip. John is king of kings of benchmarking so I'll settle for prince of princes
  6. Hey John, hate to burst your bubble but there's only 1 King of Kings and He ain't you Ha Ha Ha Ha
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