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  1. Mr. Fox

    Alienware 17 8 beeps EVGA X Precision

    Hi. Yes, what you do is temporarily install a known good panel, boot Linux. Disconnect the good one and connect the corrupted panel while on the Linux desktop. It will work flawlessly once POST has cleared, but Dell/Alienware made the BIOS in a stupid way to halt if no valid EDID is found during POST. With the corrupted display connected, follow the instructions provided by @t456 using his Linux EDID flashing tools.
  2. Just use compressed air to blow out dust. That should generally be sufficient. If it is really extraordinarily filthy you can use electronics contact cleaner (spray can). I've never needed to use electronics cleaning spray on a computer.
  3. Yes, that is a good possibility. If it only began happening after repaste, try taking the GPU out of the socket, blow out any dust or lint in the MXM slot and reseat the GPU. If you're lucky it may just be a bad connection in the MXM slot.
  4. 3DMark Update to Offer Improved Scores by up to 2.5% | HWBOT.org
  5. Hi there. Maybe if you can dump your vBIOS, zip it up and post it here as an attachment, someone with the know how can unlock it for you. The control freaks at Dell/Alienware have been making it more difficult to dump or flash their soldered GPUs, so you should confirm that you are actually able to do both of those things first. You should also have a backup copy of the original vBIOS for your own purposes. If you can dump the original, turn around a flash the original just to verify all that functionality is working as intended. If you push it right now to the maximum possible overclock on the GPU core and memory are the GPU temps still OK? That would be another point to consider. If the limits you have now are already more than the cooling system can handle properly, there may not be much, if anything, to be gained. Maybe max out your overclock with the stock vBIOS and make about a half dozen loops of Unigine Heaven to see if the temps are still OK.
  6. Mr. Fox

    M14x R1 - BIOS A08 with SATA fix

    Hi folks. Maybe this will help. User Account Promotion Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING!
  7. They're too busy working on insanely important junk like NVIDIA Drive, Shield and GeForce Experience to be bothered by something as trivial as device drivers or post-sale product support.
  8. That's really nuts. Now that 1080 is on the loose those dirty rats must be treating 980M owners like the wicked stepchildren now, just as they did all of us 780M owners when 980M was released.
  9. Hmm, that's odd. I don't know what the problem would be if all of those things are correct. Disabling DSE should not be required with W7. I don't have any suggestion at this point since your hardware ID is in the INF. The @J95 mod should work fine. Maybe there is something wrong with your GPU.
  10. Mr. Fox

    M17x-R3 780M Upgrade Difficulty

    I hope you can figure it out. Maybe @J95 knows a trick or two that he can suggest.
  11. You did a nice job of explaining it. And, I agree with you. I prefer using 3DMark 11 instead. One reason is that it is a better benchmark tool, but also because it does remember my custom settings. This is useful for testing purposes and having to manually change everything each time I open the benchmark because it does not remember my last used settings is inconvenient.
  12. @Futuremark_James - preliminary testing seems to show an improvement as expected, and in line the percentage of improvement predicted. Thank you. Any input on why the CPU power monitoring feature was removed? Was it necessary, or something Futuremark thought nobody cared about. See below: Previous GUI versus new GUI released today: http://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/11094602/fs/11085019 New GUI today using previous driver versus new GUI today using new @J95 driver mod: http://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/11094778/fs/11094602
  13. Thank you so much, James. I am looking forward to testing the new release and confirming the fix. I trust @Papusan is equally appreciative. Thanks as well to Jarno Kokko (Futuremark) for his assistance. I have updated the article with your response.
  14. @Papusan - Maybe @Futuremark_James can enlighten us on why they disabled the CPU power monitor. I would be interested in knowing why they did that.

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