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  1. For those that are not already aware of the issue, the folks at Futuremark seem to be struggling to keep a consistent product in the latest 3DMark benchmark. In particular, Fire Strike. Sometime around the release of Time Spy things started getting screwy with Fire Strike and now it seems with every Fire Strike GUI update the effect is lowered benchmark scores, and specifically the physics portion of the benchmark. Kudos to @Papusan for noticing this months ago. He been going back and forth with Futuremark about the problem and it seems they are either ignoring him or don't care. Maybe because most people are not observant enough to notice or care. Some people might say you cannot compare results across benchmark software versions, but that shouldn't hold water here. There is a leaderboard and searchable database of results and if there is not a high degree of consistency between GUI versions the results in their database will become irreleant, as will their leaderboard. The search filter does not have a field to filter by GUI version, so we can expect the results from the database and leaderboard to be misleading, inaccurate and unreliable. You will notice from the examples posted below that with each new version of Fire Strike the scores get lower and lower. These examples are consecutive runs on the same day, same machine, and identical CPU and GPU settings. The only thing that changes is Fire Strike benchmark results. We need Futuremark to understand and correct this. http://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/11047304/fs/11047179/fs/11047154 Here is a similar example from @Papusan: http://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/11036017/fs/11035883 If you agree this is a problem and want it to be fixed, please complain to Futuremark and let them know they need to put the brakes on and not do anything else with 3DMark until they have this mess under control. Gimmicky features are one thing, but inconsistent benchmark results makes 3DMark unreliable. This post has been promoted to an article
  2. Woman Wins $10,000 From Microsoft After Unwanted Windows 10 Upgrade Good for her! She deserves it based on their bad behavior. Too bad the award doesn't have 5 or 6 more zeroes to the left of the decimal point. The Redmond Mafia needs to learn a lesson for their bad behavior, and that tiny little slap on the wrist will only represent a minor inconvenience to them. They deserve to draw back a bloody stump. Unfortunately, the wickedness of Micro$loth knows no boundaries. They think they own us and our computers. This is what I use to kill all of the spyware and telemetry trash in Windows 10, block all updates and permanently expunge all of the bloatware apps and Windows Store garbage. It also kills and deletes OneDrive and disables (rather than only muting) UAC. Works great... very nice tool IMHO. Destroy Windows Spying I have also found third-party tweaks to replace the hideous giant calculator with the older version, completely kill the obnoxious Security Center nag-o-rama and exterminate Cortana. Notwithstanding the tacky-looking aesthetics that remain (nasty abuse of white and pastel colors akin to the Windows 8.X abortion) it's fairly decent if you go to enough trouble to correct all of their mistakes. Performance in some things is still inferior to Windows 7, unfortunately. I pointed that out as an 'Insider' quite some time ago, but they apparently do not plan to fix it. They started hindering CPU performance in Windows 8.X and they must think it's OK since they are leaving it messed up from then until now.
  3. Special thanks to @StamatisX and @imsolidstate for great technical advice! 330W AC adapters were purchased new for $30 USD each on Amazon. Required tools and components: 40A 200V bridge rectifier (Mouser - Part #: 821-GBPC4002) Electronics project box (Radio Shack - Model: 270-1809 | Catalog #: 270-1809) Female Spade Terminals (Radio Shack - Model: 76-FT12L | Catalog #: 55048637) Block Terminal (Radio Shack - Model: 274-680 | Catalog #: 274-680) Wire nuts or push connectors (I used what I already had on hand) Heat sink (an old CPU heat sink is what I used and it was perfect) Thermal paste (brand does not matter - I used what I had on hand) Wire grommets or electrical outlet box clamps (I used this type) Self-adhesive rubber bumpers (used as feet for project box) Miscellaneous screws (see photos - I used what I had on hand) Simple hand tools (screwdriver, wire cutter/stripper, etc.) Soldering iron and rosin core solder Drill and appropriate bits Link: Downloadable PDF Instructions Another 4.7GHz run without toggling CPU clock speeds during 3DMark11 tests...

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