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  1. Copied over from NBR. I need to check interest for this fan purchase. So you know the fans on pascal clevos are loud, they're annoying, and you want to lower the sound output. bsch3r has made a thread here for swapping the fans with ASUS ROG G751 fans and achieved much lower sound while only sacrificing a bit of temperature rise. http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/p870dm3-phoenix-2-silence-mod.797077/ The problem is the fan costs around 50 EUR or around 40USD PER PIECE My solution is to bulk import from Delta themselves, I know an OEM in china who can supply new-ish fans for the ASUS G751 that you can mod to fit the P870 or P750/770/775 laptops. I posted the interest check down below. There are three version of the ASUS 12VDC Fan. Currently I do not know if the G750Jx fan works in your Clevo or not, but they are cheaper. G750: Cheapest version. -> http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/asus-g750-disassembly.726296/ G751: The one that [USER=651365]@bsch3r[/USER] used -> http://www.laptopultra.com/guide/asus-rog-g751-disassembly/ GFX70 China exclusive "Big boy" : biggest one that you can find (scroll down) -> http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/new-asus-rog-gfx70jz.758736/ I'm pretty sure all three models are 12V, I will check further before ordering. I'm not sure if the GFX70 fan can fit in the Clevo. You can buy 1 pair (1 GPU, 1 CPU) for the smaller machines, or you can buy 2 pair (2 CPU, 2GPU) for the larger machines. I will ship them personally to you. PRICE ESTIMATE Price estimate with shipping to US48. THIS IS NOT FINAL AND IS PROVIDED AS A VERY ROUGH ESTIMATE FOR SINGLE ORDER PRICE. What is "single order price"? Price for JUST ONE pair and shipping to the US. Why is it so expensive? If the Clevo community orders more, we can reduce the price. Most likely by half if the order is big enough. G751 fan, Pair of 1 (GPU+CPU fan): 50 / Pair G750 fan, Pair of 1 (GPU+CPU fan): 45 / Pair GFX70 "big boy" fan, Pair of 1 (GPU + CPU fan): 50 / Pair ==THIS PRICE ESTIMATE IS NOT FINAL PLEASE RE-READ ABOVE== Note: If you DO NOT LIVE in the US48, PLEASE DO NOT FILL OUT. Interest check form: https://goo.gl/forms/JmuFfcvm8K8DRHkE3 NBR original thread: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/clevo-silence-fan-mod-interest-check-12v-g751-fan-bulk-import.797125/
  2. My vbios throttle at 50c or above by -13mhz, this ois on a desktop custom PCB 1080 AMP ZOTAC. I think this is done intentionally to prevent instability and possible chip degradation since the new GPUs are more fragile due to the smaller fabrication process.
  3. at least it's not that dumb single-pipe netbook heatsink on the macbook trying to cool off a 80W 4980HQ @ 4.4 ghz and a 50W 3-year old GPU lol
  4. Still curious on cooling capacity of grid vs T heatsink for single 1080 on P870DM2/3
  5. You might want to reenable cstates for everyday use, I killed my 5820K by running it without cstates for a year.
  6. ok any word on bios availability to reseller? evoc says they don't have it ready yet.
  7. how well does grid perform over T heatsink? we still have option for a 330x2 psu even with DM3 single 1080 right?
  8. Is it better to use grid or dual-fin hsf for the single 1080 dm3?
  9. How good that backside cooler? I don't think it'll do the job if it's passive...
  10. so the limiting factor here is the memory speed? even though it has the same bus width as a desktop 980?
  11. so it's not optimus, but sort of is nice that you get the ability to switch to discrete, bypass all the hybrid bullshit when needed
  12. it's a side effect of overclock the monitor, sometime the edges can have black spots you can disable optimus on p65xxx? so is possible to use dGPU only without any of the iGPU optimus shenanigans?
  13. the P65xx series is locked cpu unless you buy the 6820HK I recommend returning and getting a refund, pascal is very near and you're only wasting a lot of your money by holding on to that machine
  14. but you don't get much option for true performance cards on the amd side lol
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