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P775DM1 issues with Display/GPU/Ram


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Hello, I have bought an empty case and assembled parts of Clevo P775DM1. Basically the laptop had no display or MXM Gpu or CPU. For test case I had a CPU lying around G3900 and put it in. I also have mxm gtx 965m Clevo card. I also have installed screen from alienware laptop 2k resolution 120hz. Now the problems.

1) The laptop boots without a hastle. But as the nvidia drivers load the screen goes black and stays like that. At first I thought the GPU was dead but the external screen worked. Then I though maybe there is a problem with GPU not being recognized or something. Downloaded GPU-Z and every sensor is working fine. I tried saving vbios file and suddenly screen turned on. It probably disconnected the GPU and reconnected it again and as long as the laptop is on, GPU works without a problem. But if I restart it, the laptop screen turns black after boot and external works fine. That's the first problem.

2) The second one is with Ram and I don't exactly understand the problem. I have 2x8GB rams 2133. single channel works without a problem, but when I try to use both of them the laptop does not boot at all. Won't start fans just blue led keyboard lights up. in single channel both rams work with no problem. And I've tried both slots, since the laptop has 4 slots. Still not working. If you can help with any of the problems, it will be much appreciated.


p.s. I have recently bought the laptop and haven't really figured out anything around it. if you have any extra pointers/bios mods I'd really appreciate it as well.

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I can't give you concrete answers to the video problem, but I do know that the Vbios of the video card is matched to the particular configuration of the system BIOS's of the laptop model they are put in. I believe this has to do with the ME monitoring temperatures and running fan speeds, The BIOS for which display to put video to by default and what the correct display modes are, as well as coordinating the Backlight power with the GPU and power delivery. That's mostly my speculation based on behaviors I've seen in the past.

As far as the memory goes, I believe that model has four slots for RAM, two on the bottom, two under the keyboard. Try different slots to see if some work better than others, and run Memtest86+ on each stick individually to see if one of the sticks of ram is less optimal than the other. Sometimes the sticks of ram test good, but don't play well with each other, and one, or both need replaced.   Sometimes that model takes a good two minutes before it finally resolves an acceptable RAM timing solution, reboots and posts normally, so be patient with it. (this is usually only when there are issues with ram sticks agreeing with each other.)

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