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  1. Good boy scout there brother @Mr. Fox I got me some more Liquid Metal for the deliding ceremony. Running short of that isn't fun. So GPU is not a good candidate for CLU hey... I have hopefully successfully updated my order to the DM3 Single 1080 with Hidevolution. I'm interested to see how the cooling fares on my "gamer-boy ( )" single. Can't wait. I've been stuck using this ... jealous ?!
  2. @Dr. AMK I highly recommend the RockitTool delider. Some of the best money I've ever spent. Here's a video I did on my first run through using it.
  3. I think I'm making a jump to a single 1080 machine - I'm bloody spent to do so that's it till I move back home. I guess if they screw me out of an upgrade again SLI is still on the table.
  4. @Mr. Fox as they say, "There's no such thing as a coincidence". They really did a bang up job. I'm wondering if Clevo have enough balls keep MXM compatibility from here on..
  5. The problem with these non-Gsync machines is the GPU itself also comes as 'non-Gsync'. Come upgrade time there's not going to be too many people wanting it. As far as using Gsync goes for gaming I could care less. It's the biggest load of hype I've yet experienced. Visually i looked smoother but it didn't feel smoother. Question for @Prema . Can a gsync display work in SLI if only 1 card is Gsync? (I think i know the answer.)
  6. @Mr. Fox yeah I replaced mine too and got a decent fit after that. The first one was rubbish. Who ever passed it through QC owes me $100 and needs to be sent to the naughty corner.
  7. I was referring to the 1080p 120hz monitors (Def don't want 4k..more so I don't want 60hz). I've been informed by Hidevolution that the current 120hz monitor is also shipped with a non-Gsync gpu. Ie. If you were to swap over to a gysnc display on the laptop itself, it still wouldn't work. That would be really crappy when it comes to selling someone the old card at upgrade time as most people would have Gsync displays. Additionally I'm not clear on what display will be on offer soon other than it being 120hz and Gsync. Is is going to be 5ms? I don't mind if it's TN or IPS.
  8. I'm interested to see how the temps are on DM2 with a single 1080. Im also very confused about the monitor selections on offer right now and in the near future.
  9. I'd love to have 4k...but 120hz takes first priority for me. Soon enough we'll have both.
  10. Isn't the 1080p 120hz with low response time what on offer at the moment already?
  11. @Prema in order to trick the EC communicator signal, would that be a flash or involve some kind of physical mod to the card?
  12. Bro, do you know anymore about the previous gen upgrade that you might not have been able to say under NDA? Is 1) the 1080 P&P and compatible with the previous 980 HS. 2) the 1070 " " with SLI Apologies if you have answered this.
  13. Bahahaahaha.. you snooze you loose Dell. Go eat a ...banana
  14. This is absolutely amazing. Well Done! I've used all my 10 likes for the day in this thread alone lol.
  15. @Khenglish Amazing stuff dude. This will be absolutely awesome if it works out.. Fingers crossed. You just redefined 'hardcore' man..
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