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  1. If your machine don't come with the graphics orginal or the machine isn't intended for it... Yes You must be approved by Mod before you are allowed to downloading files.
  2. Look into bro @Mr. FoxYoutube videos for TS https://www.youtube.com/user/MrFoxRox2 Or take a walk into http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/the-throttlestop-guide.531329/
  3. The joy of having socket hardware and not the BGA JUNK in Jokebook's!! BGABook,TurdBook,JokeBook... A dear UGLY child has many names!! http://valid.x86.fr/fs084d
  4. Feedback from my testing the new 3DM GUI version .... Success Downloaded latest UI Version2.2.3509_64. My setup is unchanged. Only the updated 3DM GUI is new. Fire Strike physics score back to normal for my [email protected] = +15505 Power draw is also back to normal with this updated GUI versions. Nice Thanks @Futuremark_James http://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/11095260/fs/11049261 Edit. @Futuremark_James Can you look at the ccustom settings in 3DM suite? I and several use this feature a lot... Every time I come back to custom settings and want a new test EG. Only the physics or other subtest, I must choose what custom test I should run every time I launch 3DM. It should not be like this. Do what you've always have done with older 3DM11 ... Custom Setup is already put up as in the previous testing days before. This means that 3DM suite should remember previous custom settings for the next time you want to test EG physics or other subtests. @Mr. Fox Can you chime in and explain better if this isn't clear. I want a change for better custom settings like the older 3DM11. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the help James. And say thanks from us bench enthusiasts to Mr. KOKKO on Futuremark as well. For us here is number crunching a pleasure as you probably know, so it's importent that the bench tests work as intended. And we hope Futuremark might consider making benchmark tests that put more emphasis/importance on the processor power, than what sub tests like Firestrik in 3DMark suite does today. More like the old 3DM Vantage and 3DM11. I am looking forward to testing the new fixed 3DM suite and confirming the fix. But this will take time because my internet speed sucks Once again thank you for all your help Papusan
  6. You are 100% right about the new 3DM GUI. This pict below is from the old 3DM Fire Strike GUI. As you can see in the picture, you could actually see the maximum CPU power draw in benchmark test if you checked the box. New is not always better!! Just look at the Windows X failure. The new Os... Windows 10 look like an OS designed for children around 5 years old with all the pastel colored tiles. More intended for handheld tablet, phones. The <new> Windows is No longer a nice OS for desktops.
  7. Even a small change in score around 1-3% in the subtests between the different GUI versions, should be easy to find with normal testing. Also the change in power draw between the GUI versions... should be easily discovered and a bell should start to ring.
  8. Thanks for taking care of this problem. I reported this problems medium August. Now December!! I really hope this now finally will be fixed. Thanks again Sorry Fox. I posted with my small phone, so pict was screwed I think
  9. Thanks bro Fox See https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/articles/frontpage_news/software_news/gradual-degradation-of-3dmark-fire-strike-produces-unreliable-results-r94/&do=findComment&comment=154385
  10. Thanks for the help bro @Mr. Fox I have sent a new feedback mail to Futuremark v/jarlo Kokko for the 10th time... Futuremark have said long time ago to me in the mail that "They have reproduced in-house and investigation is ongoing" I have send them a lot of result for their investigation. Nothing happens as you can see in the pictures - links!!! And when they finally push out the new <FIXED> 3DM version after 3 months, so is the 3DM benchmark software in an even worse condition... Like the last time... New 3DM suite UI 2.2.3488 64 version out 9th Dec. = Fiasko!! Then they need to push out an even newer one because the trouble witht the first one out... 1 day later aka 10th Dec. The newest messed up come out <UI 2.2.3491 64>. Same mess happened last two time as well(I think in July and Aug). Futuremark have BIG problems with their 3DM Suite!!! See results. Both older UI versions 2.0.2067_64 and 2.0.2809_64 will give 15002 in Physics with [email protected] and both 2 latest drivers from Nvidia!! Newer UI versjons of 3DM Suite will give up to 400 points lower physics in fire Strike. All tested with same Nvidia drivers, stock graphics and 4.8GHz on processor. Mine tests!!(Papusan)Tested with latest Nvidia driver 375.95http://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/11036017/fs/11035883# Tested with latest Nvidia driver 376.19http://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/11049261/fs/11057220
  11. Great job bro Fox Nice to see a well-functioning i7 and a hk BGA trash does not come close. Long live socket hardware!!
  12. Improved Wprime 32M score - 4.137 sec http://hwbot.org/submission/3370273_papusan_wprime___32m_core_i7_6700k_4sec_137ms?recalculate=true
  13. Wprime 1024M - 131.918 sec. Improved from my previous best run 132,237 sec score Finally under132.xxx sec http://hwbot.org/submission/3357625...re_i7_6700k_2min_11sec_918ms?recalculate=true
  14. Read SECTION 4 - ACCOUNT PROMOTIONS https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/ti-tos/tos/ This does not start very well. That's not how we do it on the web. You ask me to share other people's hard work. This is wrong!! Mod can you chime in@J95 @Mr.
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