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Found 23 results

  1. Hi all, I just received and installed a new GTX 970M into my Clevo P150EM. It was a bit tricky at first but I finally got it to work by modding the .inf and installing the 358.50 driver from nVidia. However, I had a couple questions. The card is working but I can hear a buzzing sound when playing GTA V, The Witcher 3, etc... Also, when the game is fullscreen and I click anywhere within the game, the screen flickers and then minimizes. I've also been trying to figure out how to flash Prema's vBios for the 6gb 970M onto this card, but whenever I try to take the write protection off a menu pops up with a beep but then promptly disappears. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi all, Please help me I've flashed my Laptop clevo p150em with latest BIOS V 1.02.17 and EC/KBC V 1.02.11. Now I want to reflash it again with latest original Eurocom bios EC V 1.02.11EC BIOS V1.02.17EC v3b GTX9 but there is a problem. I did everything according to the instructions, but after I ran step2.bat, the flashing process stoped itself and only the cursor was blinking in the lower corner (and nothing happened) There is movie link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0k1tqw3abwzmcpx/racer_p150em.mp4?dl=0 Generally I am not able to flash any other bios (the result is still the same) Does anyone have any idea, how to solve it? I also tried the following (unsuccessfully): Remove system battery, disconnect adapter. Disconnect CMOS battery, hold down Power Button for 45 seconds. Thank you in advance for your help PS: the reason why i want to flash it, is GPU upgrade (from AMD 7970M - bricked, to NVIDIA 970M)
  3. Hello everyone! First of all sorry if this isn't the correct forum to post this. I bought a laptop few days ago. The laptop is Sager P150EM. Cpu:i7 3610qm Gpu: amd hd 7970m Ram: 8gb Os: windows 8.1 pro So my problem is that everytime i install the amd driver after the intel driver my laptop freezes or gets a bsod or something that stops it from working. Any help would be appreciated. I saw somewhere something about vbios does this matter anywhere?
  4. Managed to find a relatively cheap MSI 1070 on ebay, and after reading a few success stories that 1070's are compatible I decided to pull the trigger. Modified the bottom case as per the photo on this FAQ page http://www.eurocom.com/ec/faqs(272)ClevoP150EM_SagerNP9150_XMG_P502_PRO. Things were going well until I went to screw the card down and felt some resistance. Oops. Looks like that capacitor(?) with the blue on it *just* clashes with the card. Now what's weird is not all P150em motherboards seem to have this component on it - looking at replacements this component is not there. Also looking at the photos from this 1080m P150em mod (https://premamod.wordpress.com/2017/10/10/clevo-pascal-mxm-standard/), this component isn't there either. Does anyone know what this is, and if it can be removed? Or, if this could be taken off and shifted out of the way somehow, or replaced with a smaller equivalent...? In my disbelief/annoyance/problem solving when trying to push it down, I did notice that the card has a surprising amount of flex in it and it *can* be screwed down almost completely to a level where I feel somewhat comfortable in doing... Though I'd rather not put this strain on the card if there is a way to avoid it.
  5. Привет. Помогите, мне грустно. Существует clevo p150em, недавно обновленный с 7970 до 8970 м (от 150 см) Bios, R.2.0 / 1.02.17EC v3b / 1.02.11EC. Когда он был установлен 7970 м, в BIOS на линии gpu это было 7970 м. После установки 8970m, NVIDIA пишет вместо 8970m. Драйверы на 8970m не установлены, либо синий экран, либо ноутбук замерзает. Windows 10 1713. Я пробовал разные версии драйверов, все равно. Что вы посоветуете? 8970m vbios VER015. BR44964.009 it s DELL? ps. when I bought 7970m for a place of 670m. At 7970m there was also a problem with the drivers, but I somehow skipped it.
  6. Hi, I started overclocking my laptop. Initially, the graphics card provided 601 MHz at core (900 mV voltage) and 1400 MHz at memory. By moddig the bios through the Kepler Tweaker, it was possible to overclock to 944 MHz at core (925 mV voltage) and 2310 MHz at memory. I want to reach 1 GHz by the core, but for this I need to raise the voltage. At a very high voltage, even without load, the fan will start to rustle, so I do not want to raise the voltage much. But there is an idiotic problem. When the temperature of 60 degrees is used, the video card discards 25 mV. This is Nvidia`s feature . In the stock, it drops from 925 to 900, now from 950 to 925. I want 950 constantly, but it's impossible to make through Kepler Tweaker. I saw reports that svl7`s BIOS mod does not have this problem, but anyway I can not download it. So may be somebody know how make right vbios mod.
  7. Hi all, I've my GTX 970M working for a good while, but I decided to re-apply the thermal paste today because my card seemed to get a bit hot and my gaming would suffer from fps drops. I figured re-applying the thermal paste would work, but it didn't. I then uninstalled the drivers and tried reinstalling different drivers to see if they'd perform better, but for some reason my FPS is constantly below 60 FPS no matter what game it is. I've tried checking my settings in nVidia control panel, I tried flashing the vBios, I've changed countless settings to try and make it work but nothing is working. I also noticed that when I use Speed Fan, the GPU section doesn't consistently show my GPU temps. It stays at 0 Celsius for the most part, but then randomly reads 47 Celsius. Any ideas of what could be wrong or how to possibly fix this?
  8. Hi there! I'm interested to know what is the best Wifi/bluetooth adapter that i can install on a clevo P150EM. All new models come in M.2 form factor, and the P150EM only has the mPCIe conection. I've searched and found out that there are m.2 to mpcie connecter adapters but i don't know if the adapter+ the wifi card will fit under my keyboard (the place where the mpcie is located), and even if it fits, i still need connector adapters for the antenna plugs. Any help is much apreciated
  9. Hi there. I've got Windows 10 installed on my P150EM in one of my SSD and installed all the drivers that it required, but the THX software doesn't change the sound output. The software registers as usual and it detects de sound driver and all, but all the settings i change on the software doesn't change anything in the sound. I' got windows 7 installed on other SSD and on that OS, the THX works as it should be. Is there any new version of the program or some new driver for windows 10 to make it work again? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi there. I've been noticing performance drops on some games associated with low GPU usage. The games run fine at 60 fps + for the most part and the gpu usage is above 80%. But in some areas the fps drops dramatically to mid 30fps and the gpu usage drops to 30-40% too. Even on Borderlands Pre-sequel, where the game usually runs at 120-90 fps, sometimes drops to 40-35 fps (with physx on low setting wich i think is the same as OFF). My CPU usage never hit 99% or near that on that sections so i hope it isn't the CPU bootlecking. And it isn't Temperature Throttle, because the temps are about 70º on those moments (my gpu only gets really hot when its usage get's above de 90%). Other thing i noticed was that with the latest nvidia drivers that i got to work (376.33), when i turned physx to higger settings, the performance got a drop but it didn't show any physx effects anywhere on the game. Another thing that doesn't work is the Nvidia Gamestream because it always gives error trying to connect from another device. Performance wise, it looks like i'm getting the same performance as my girfriends clevo P651SE that has an 970m, and on that laptop, i can connect to nvidia gamestream using the same method that fails on my laptop. Could the reason be the new drivers? It is getting more dificult to install new drivers on this model and i can see that some functionalities are starting to fail. By the way, i don't overclock any of my components. My System Specs are : - Clevo P150EM with PremaBios V2 and PremaVbios V2 Flashed - nvidia 980M - I7-3820QM - 16gb of RAM - Windows 7 64Bits - 180W powersupply with 1 year of use ( I bought a new one from a CLEVO P651SE because it was smaller than my stock one, and my original was starting to fail, just outputting 130W from the 180W, making my internal display dimm the Light when i pushed my 980m just a little bit more) Thanks in advance
  11. Hi all,I'm a proud owner of my old Clevo P150EM and early this year made the upgrade to a GTX 970M and couldn't be happier with that, it looked like a new PC.Today my Windows installed the Windows 10 anniversary update and it screwed my drivers and I can't get my graphic card to work.Already tried various Nvidia Drivers, used DDU to uninstall old drivers, tried modded inf files, disable signature control, and nothing seems to be working. I'm getting kind of desperate here.Does anybody here have the same problem or has the know how to help me? Please?Cheers,António
  12. Hello, I tried to send Prema a PM but apparently that is not possible (think that would be quite a bit to read everyday :p) So I want to buy a modded 980M for my Clevo P150EM and I checked out the list in this thread: Problem is some of them dont seem to sell the upgrade package anymore or sell only specific cards. So I wonder if there are other vendors known (preferably in europe) that sell modded cards. I called the vendor of my laptop and they told me there might be plans to sell them in the near future but i think that is restricted information. @Prema Is there any way you could tell me if I am allowed to post this information or if your are involved in the business? regards mork
  13. Hi all, It didn't dawn on me until recently after I purchased a new external harddrive with USB 3.0 that the transfer/write speeds seem to be really slow for USB 3.0. It got me thinking so I checked the Eurocom website for my laptop model for the drivers and they don't have drivers for USB 3.0 eXtensible Host for windows 10. I went onto Intel to try and find it but I couldn't find the drivers for windows 10 either, only windows 7 and 8. Any idea what might be the issue here and how to get my speeds up to par?
  14. Hi all, I've my GTX 970M working for a good while, but I decided to re-apply the thermal paste today because my card seemed to get a bit hot and my gaming would suffer from fps drops. I figured re-applying the thermal paste would work, but it didn't. I then uninstalled the drivers and tried reinstalling different drivers to see if they'd perform better, but for some reason my FPS is constantly below 60 FPS no matter what game it is. I've tried checking my settings in nVidia control panel, I tried flashing the vBios, I've changed countless settings to try and make it work but nothing is working. I also noticed that when I use Speed Fan, the GPU section doesn't consistently show my GPU temps. It stays at 0 Celsius for the most part, but then randomly reads 47 Celsius. Any ideas of what could be wrong or how to possibly fix this? **EDIT** So I've noticed that the card just isn't working at all, which explains the low FPS. Although i'm not entirely sure why it's doing that. MSI Afterburner shows that it doesn't have any activity as well as the built-in nVidia GPU activity application I've got going on my task bar. In-game the icon isn't even colored, it's just black and white. I updated my bios with Prema's latest for my P150EM and I flashed my vBios, but still nothing. I've also tried installing 5 different drivers and they all yield the same results. Help would be much appreciated!!!!!
  15. Hello, are these 2 compatible? I'm having hard time getting the GPU to work.
  16. I finally got my 970M card and Flashed Bios and VBios on my NP9150/P150EM, However i have few question: 1. What and where can I get proper Nvidia Driver and steps how to install it? 2. i sow some modify drover file... what is that referring to? 3. I tired to play COD and I am only getting 15 fps so I assume that its not using right GPU. Please assist.
  17. Hello everyone, I bought used 670M pulled from AW system to insert in my MS 16F3. Installed, no screen on boot. Luckily, I have Clevo P150EM laying around. Installed it there, no thermal alarm, BIOS recognized it as GTX 670M, nvflash also, everything looks great. I saved its vBios and went on another computer to look for vBios version just to be sure which card it is (used NiBiTor to see vBios version which was 80.something..). Since the card is 1.5GB, I assumed it wasn't DELL/AW card because they come with 2GB? That led me to download older 70.24.. Clevo vBios which was successfully flashed after. BIOS and nvflash recognized it, no thermal alarm, great! Pulled the card out of Clevo P150EM and installed in MS 16F3. Screen on boot, no fan spinning max, everything perfect! Installing Windows for like 10 minutes and then fan starts spinning max. Installed Windows, chipset, Intel management, Intel VGA and finally nVidia driver with custom .inf from laptopvideo2go.com. Device Manager shows yellow triangle next to GTX 670M. Rebooted and tried flashing MSI vBios with nvflash. I get the line checking image and ID's, something like that, and skips flashing. Checked EEPROM and it said status Unknown. Entered Windows and 670M shows in Device Manager with yellow triangle next to it. (Code 43 was error from the beginning btw) Reinstalled 670M in Clevo, BIOS and nvflash recognized it, however nvflash cannot write anything to it. Reinstalled back to MS 16F3 and same thing with nvflash. It shows it is there, but cannot write to it. Back to P150EM, 670M shows in BIOS and nvflash, but I cannot flash it. After 2 restarts, nvflash doesn't recognize 670M, but BIOS does. So I am confused now. How can a card show up in Windows if it doesn't get recognized under nvflash nor can be flashed? Shall I try different nvflash version or reinstall in either laptop? I've put this thread under Clevo because P150EM reads a lot of cards, serves me as a diagnosis tool and I would like to get it working it there first. It might be lengthy post, but I tried to include every detail and be specific. Hopefully it helps someone else too!
  18. Hey guys, so here I have a laptop with bad BIOS flash. It got stuck at 80% and after turning it on, I see XMG splash screen along with F2 for Setup and F7 for Boot Options. I can select them, but it won't do anything. Stays stuck in place. Keyboard lights up, fans turn, screen is working. I've already got the battery out and held power button for 15 seconds. Didn't help. Is there any other shot that I can take?
  19. Hello, I bought a GTX 580M for a P150HM, that I sold to a friend. Now I'm testing it with my P150EM. The 580M came with Alienware VBIOS. I modified the nvdmi, to install the driver and yes, it works, but: I think, I don't have the full power. Windows Experience Index only shows 6.6; if I run Assassin's Creed IV, I have verry low FPS, Nvidia Inspecor says the temperature is just 48°C and the system's power consumption is only 110W. And Nvidia's system panel crashes... I flashed a clevo VBIOS (VGA Bios Collection: Clevo GTX 580M 2048 MB | techPowerUp) on the card, but same results. Have anyone here ever used a 580M in a P150EM? Do you think, this problems will be solved in P150HM? What is your Windows Experience Index with GTX 580M? Thanks.
  20. Hello Tech Inferno, I have a P150EM in the form of a "PCSpecialist Vortex IV". I've had it for about a year, and quite often had hard crashes i.e. kernel panics with it in Linux (which I had at first put down to hardware compatibility problems under linux, kernel bugs, etc - the crashes vary in characteristics depending on what kernel i'm running - some kernels are more unstable when idle than when under load, and the crashes tend to be in the power saving functions - update_wait_time, try_to_wake_up etc), but I also occasionally get random BSODs under Windows 7 too (it's a dual-boot setup) - so I suspect I have a hardware problem. I have run memtest86, intel CPU diagnostics, and various other tools but none of them show any issues with the CPU/memory. However, more recently, when I am running games under Windows (e.g. Fallout 3) I am having a particularly nasty hard crash that makes me suspect the BIOS. The system freezes (playing the last few milliseconds of audio in a loop) and then gives me a BSOD with very little information - no stack trace, no sys file, just four memory pointers, two of which are zero and the other two I didn't have time to read. That may be normal for a BSOD, but it is what comes after that makes me suspect the BIOS. When I reboot the machine, windows will get to the "starting windows" screen with its four coloured orbs, and freeze dead just before it draws the orbs, with the HDD light on continuously. If I then power off the machine by holding the button in, and switch on again, it gives me the ominous error message "Disk read error - press ctrl+alt+delete to reboot". I can reboot a few times, power off / on the machine, and get the same thing - to the point of believing I really have a dead disk. I can even go into the BIOS and see that *both* of my Plextor M5M mSATA drives have disappeared! However - if I leave the machine off for a while, or if I unplug the power cable and battery, press the power button to discharge it, and then put them back and boot up again, it boots up normally (apart from the 'windows failed to start' screen), and I can check the disk with no errors reported. This isn't a one-off either - it has happened three or four times in the past month. This is a particularly spooky kind of crash that whiffs of a BIOS bug.. My question is has anyone else experienced something similar, or am I just overheating my machine? It has always got quite hot when under full load e.g. playing games, and I wonder if there is any way to clock it down (and perhaps make it quieter too) - certainly the stock BIOS gives no options whatsoever to configure any aspect of the CPU or cooling.. I'm inclined to try Prema's modded bios from these forums, but I don't particularly like the idea of bricking the machine entirely. What do you recommend? Cheers, cyberdemon
  21. Hi everybody, So i got some questions for those with experience...cause i cant really find a answer to this, I tested the 680M GTX with the nice vbios from the forum 1,025v / 1,050v. I wasnt able to get the GPU core stable above 950 Mhz while other people can reach 1000 core clock on 680m gtx. the 950Mhz are stable but when i try go up it doesnt work. I flashed the 1,050v to test and its still crashing in 3dmark 11/ Vantage. even 960-970 is not stable with 1,050... the Temps arent the problem, i got the laptop open to test and its still crashing even after using 100% FAN MODE (no Dust) So could it be my power supply 180W that is not enough? even though i use i7 3610qm @_@ i got 2x same power supply and i was thinking if there is a way to fusion them...i saw somewhere a connector mod to fusion 2x 180W power supply from p150em but i dont remember where.
  22. The regular enter key on my backlit keyboard fails to detect a lot of keypresses. I'd like to take it off and see if i can find a cause. It's not in the manual and google search only seems to return results on how to remove the entire keyboard. Is it even possible without breaking anything?
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