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  1. Unfortunately I don't have a way to flash the cards at the moment, unless I buy the programmer, but I'd like to hear opinions on it and some recommendations. The thing with the original Clevo 7970M driver is that when installed and laptop restarts, I see the Windows loading screen and it goes black then with the underscore blinking in top left corner. Other than that, the GPU is recognized normally in BIOS, Safe Mode and even when I install the drivers in Windows before restarting it. So, could it be that there is something blown on the GPU which can be replaced?
  2. I don't have a way to flash 7970M Rev. 1.1. so I was thinking of getting EEPROM programmer and doing it that way? Good idea? I could probably also have some use of it in future I guess. P.S. I've made a typo in title. Should be XMG P702 Pro.
  3. Ok, back with updates. Games were not played. I did everything except 3D rendering. It was a quick check-up. (Talking about testing in AW) As for the drivers, I entered Windows, drivers were already removed before. I disabled 7970M in Device Manager and proceeded with latest Crimson driver installation setup. Halfway through the installation I get black screen with top left blinking underscore and after that just black screen. I didn't force shut down it, it's been working like this for 5 minutes so far. Should I try other drivers? I read the other thread you linked @sirana, but I'm not sure about the correct steps. Or it doesn't matter?
  4. Hello guys, I've got 2 graphics cards - 7970M's. I believe one card is Revision 1.1 and the other one is Revision 1.2 because it has double row of capacitors as described here: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/amd-hd-7970m-revision-through-software.788469/ Laptop is XMG P702 Pro (P170EM). I bought it with 7970M (Rev 1.2) from a guy who said he played a game and laptop just went BSOD. Since then, the card doesn't work properly. Win 8 was installed, I removed it and installed Windows 7 so it's easier to boot in Safe Mode. Things I have tried so far: - with XMG BIOS (version 1.02.17) 1) BIOS recognizes the GPU - 7970M 2) Safe Mode works, I see the GPU, if drivers installed it is 7970M, if not, then Standard VGA Graphics Adapter, I can run DDU no problem 3) Windows detects the GPU under Display Adapters as Standard VGA Graphics Adapter 4) I have tried different AMD drivers, some of them install the drivers with no problems in Windows and the GPU shows as 7970M with no warnings or such, some show black screen during installation. Clevo 7970M.zip (believe driver is package from Clevo website installs normally and during Windows loading screen, I see the mouse and after few seconds I see the black screen with top left underscore blinking. I also hear the Windows welcome sound. (Tested with Teamviewer autostart from my PC, I see the desktop, but it's like Minecraft, whenever I drag mouse around, it creates some blocks) - with latest PREMA BIOS (version 1.02.17PM v2) 1) After installing Clevo 7970M.zip driver, laptop boots to Windows and 7970M shows Code 43 in Device Manager. 2) Safe Mode works, DDU too, 7970M shows up when drivers installed, Standard VGA Graphics Adapter when not installed. Now with the second 7970M... Revision 1.1. 1) doesn't pass POST screen with old BIOS 2) doesn't pass POST screen with PREMA BIOS (I press F2 and it shows as selected, but just hangs on it at that moment) 3) laptop starts beeping and shutdowns Note: 7970M has been tested in Alienware 17 R1, BIOS shows 7970M, Windows show 7970M, drivers installed, all good. Question: does Rev. 1.1 work in P170EM? If so, could it be wrong VBIOS? P.S. After checking out physically 7970M Rev. 1.2, I found everything to be messy around the double row of capacitors, especially one bridge so I decided to remove it and make everything clean, but later I found in the first link I posted, there should actually be a bridge? Acted too fast, stupid... (I have quality soldering station, hot air station and microscope). I didn't examine the GPU at first, I tried all the methods above, didn't work, then I proceeded with desoldering the bridge and trying again the GPU. Didn't work either. I can resolder the bridge if necessary? I can give you pictures from the GPU's, VBIOS or anything else that you might think could be useful. If it turns out 7970M Rev. 1.1 needs another VBIOS, I was thinking of getting EEPROM Programmer, desoldering the GPU BIOS chip and flashing new (compatible) one to it. Ideas? P.S. #2 if anyone could drop a hint on what to physically check on the 7970M Rev. 1.2, that would be great. I googled the black screen problem and could it be that voltage regulator is blown? I don't mind resoldering another one.
  5. Hello, I got a new motherboard for this laptop. Installed and 7 beeps. I remember saving M17X R3 with BIOS Recovery. Also had 7 beeps and wouldn't POST. Is there a way to do the same with 17 R1? BIOS files on USB, plug in, hold keys and so on.?
  6. Hello, are these 2 compatible? I'm having hard time getting the GPU to work.
  7. Hey, thanks for the message. I put the card aside due to the no available laptop to test it in. As soon as I get the one, I will test it again and hopefully flash with MSI VBIOS. (Although somehow believe it doesn't anymore, but let's try.) You're not able to upload it?
  8. Hey, actually no. I haven't re-programmed it. It still says Error 43. At the moment, I don't have any laptops to try it. When I get a chance, I will definitely try.
  9. I've got the same thing, but my 7970M heats up.
  10. As far as I know, 9xxM series don't work due to UEFI. Sorry.
  11. Well, it worked for me. I got the pack and found screws that fit with heads. They are not as original, but hey, they do their job - which is to hold the heatsink in the place. Works for me. Have you managed to secure it?
  12. I've bought a pack of screws from China and found ones that fit perfect.
  13. Did you follow the guide on how to install 7970M in R3?
  14. Yes, it is. 980M works on AW17 R1.
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