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  1. no its a alienware 17 and i bought a new 330w for it cause it drains 280w+ if i overclock the 4910 + 880m but the 330w shutdown when i benchmark instantly like on the first 2 second when it starts and laptop running on battery
  2. i know its wrong topic but, i bought the 330w to overclock and it shutdown while 3dmark the LED turn off on the PSU and laptop run on battery whats wrong? with 240w it works, the bios can see the psu as 330w so i think everything should work..
  3. it crashes on 60hz aswell on the new driver lol... and it says nvidia driver has stopped working ... i remember with a old driver i could use 60hz without crashing i just had to switch to 60 before i take out PSU but now it doesnt work lol.. i dont know whats going on all this work well with the stock.
  4. This settings working with the 240W ofcourse it draws more than 240w but the psu can handle it and if i plugin my 330W and run benchmark it shutdown and laptop run on battery it might be the 330W PSU not working properly cause i need to take the psu out of power source completely to work again. 1. 4x 40 multi ( 4GHZ ) and Cache x40 ( temps sometimes really high even with Liquid Ultra i get easy 85+ so i go lower on ( 4x39/38) on multi 2. voltage on static 1.140 ( i can go on 1.120v but once i run watchdogs for like 10 minutes screen stuck and laptop shutdown ) ( this happens even without GPU overclock only CPU so i believe its the low voltage on the CPU) ( i tried voltage on adaptive but while benchmark its doesnt go lower even with offsets - 50mv its jumping back to 1.2v 3. On XTU under " Other " disable the Processor integrated VR faults and efficiency mode 4. Turbo boost and short boost both 100W 5. 128 sec Turbo boost time window 6. 880M with svl7 vbios can go as high as +900mhz in memory on nvidia inspector and core i let it default 993mhz cause its getting really hot while gaming ( even with liquid ultra 85C while playing watchdogs 10min) these settings work well with 240w PSU but i dont know why my 330W shutdown and laptop run on battery... :c bios can see it as 330w Btw. Ive got the 3d display aswell but it doesnt run with ur vbios on battery alot of people got this problem. Once i take out the psu the display flicker and laptop stuck and shutdown. With stock vbios it works well.
  5. so my aw17 with 880m and 4910mq overclocked draws 280+ Watt around it seems to work with the 240w PSU but i bought 330w and once i run a 3dmark11 benchmark with the 330W the PSU shutdown lol and laptop run on battery is that PSU problem or the mainboard limit which shutdown the psu.
  6. svl7 / ethrem look at ur score.. this is exactly what i mean the GPU does fine while the CPU throttle? NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M video card benchmark result - Intel® Core i7-4940MX CPU @ 3.10GHz,Notebook P377SM-A u oc the GPU and now cpu does drop on score... normal physics is 10k+ now u got 8k is this psu related? or limited power on mainboard? ive got this on my AW17 with single 880m and 4910qm both OC. i even bought 330w but doesnt help.
  7. ive got my 4910mq on 4Ghz all cores with 1.130v stable and 880M is overclocked to +100 core / +900 memory. I am able to OC the memory really high while the 880M of my friend is not able. I can even get +1000 on memory but since it doesnt give a big boost i leave it +800/900. i am 100% sure that power is limited by mainboard. W/e i hope svl7 is gonna fix the vbios for 880m.
  8. actually i thought my PSU 240w is not enought for a single 880M OC and 4910MQ OC ...i bought a 330W and what the hell...once i overclock the 880m to +100mv my 330w PSU shutdown in 3dmark O_O and laptop runs on battery LOL. This wasnt before with the 240w oh man..this whole new AW17 is just bad...im gonna sell it seriously so much money and they limited probably the power on the mainboard.
  9. thats a good question, i am looking for one aswell if someone know or got pictures of the AW 18 tripple heatsink cpu i would appreciate it maybe the 18 cpu heatsink fit into 17
  10. seems like the memory is not able to Overclock even on bios it doesnt change anything XTU shows it at 1333Mhz which is wrong. Anyone experience this? only the latest alienware 17/18 i believe
  11. nvflash -6 " bios name.rom " there is a whole guide please read exactly the forum.
  12. can someone confirm that this 330W PSU from m18x fits into the new alienware 17 ? Artikel Original
  13. can someone confirm that this 330W PSU from m18x fits into the new alienware 17 ? Artikel Original Dell Netzteil ADP-330AB (XM3C3) PSU 330W Artikelnummer 140394R Marke Dell Partnumber ADP-330AB (XM3C3) Kompatible Part Nummern - XM3C3 - 0XM3C3 - DA330PM111 - ADP-330AB - Y90RR Passend für folgende Modelle - Alienware X51 - Alienware M18x - Alienware M18x R2 - Alienware M18x R3 - Alienware M18x R4 Technische Informationen Geräte-Typ Notebook-Netzteil Eingangsspannung 100 - 240V 50 - 60HZ Ausgangsspannung 19.5V 330W 16,9A
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