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  1. Hello, I tried to send Prema a PM but apparently that is not possible (think that would be quite a bit to read everyday :p) So I want to buy a modded 980M for my Clevo P150EM and I checked out the list in this thread: Problem is some of them dont seem to sell the upgrade package anymore or sell only specific cards. So I wonder if there are other vendors known (preferably in europe) that sell modded cards. I called the vendor of my laptop and they told me there might be plans to sell them in the near future but i think that is restricted information. @Prema Is there any way you could tell me if I am allowed to post this information or if your are involved in the business? regards mork
  2. I know this thread is a bit old but i want to do the same and upgrade my 7970m in my 150EM to an 980M if possible. I couldnt find an example of a working system, only some ppl that tried it. @marteng:Did it work for you? Or does anyone else know if the system is stable with the 980m? I heard the power consumption might be too high? So i am unsure to get the 980M or 970M.... i am glad for any hints! thanks mork
  3. @chap: I didnt see you reply to Premas Question. Did you cheak the heatsink contact? If your problem is not software related it might be that the card is not getting enough cooling from the heatsink...?
  4. Thanks! Google translate is doing a good job aswell!
  5. Hey Prema, thanks for the link you supported. I am from Germany and was looking for a reseller in Germany or close by aswell. When i follow your link i find the ebay page to bid on a "Vintage Gumby Telephone Phone 1985 Prema Toy in Original Box Unused NOS" This is a very intriguing offer but not exactly what i was hoping for. I tried to search in ebay for "Clevocenter" but couldnt find the shop page. Any chance you can support another link? I own the P150 modell and got it from MYSN in germany. They dont seem to support your custom bios and it took my quite a few calls to find out about your page. Thanks for that aswell thanks mork EDIT: Ok doesnt have to be a link you posted, the Word PHONE is a link in my post aswell. so might be a forum-tech thingy! I found the website but it seems to be in spanish (?) so i cant read it. is there an englsh contact aswell?
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