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  1. Actually was W10 Autoinstall of driver as well as I needeed to use 359.12 Drivers,
  2. Here is what I have ... No luck with performance. I get 15 fps. I was able to get different drivers installed. Here is little more @Prema can you assist?
  3. I finally got my 970M card and Flashed Bios and VBios on my NP9150/P150EM, However i have few question: 1. What and where can I get proper Nvidia Driver and steps how to install it? 2. i sow some modify drover file... what is that referring to? 3. I tired to play COD and I am only getting 15 fps so I assume that its not using right GPU. Please assist.
  4. Darn, I am trying to figure out what thickness to use. .5, 1.0 or 1.5.
  5. What Thermal pads would you guys recommend? Also what thickness?
  6. What was the Thermal Pad that you used for your new Graphics Card?
  7. Well it is stock 180W, I believe but from what I was told it should be sufficient as long as I do not overclock.
  8. Just to update what I am trying to accomplish. I am in a process of trying to figure best way to go with upgrade of my NP9150 Laptop. I have stock GTX 670M and stock Power Supply. I am thinking of upgrading to 970m, but from what I read, power supply and heatsink will need to be upgraded as well. If so can anyone assist me with link to where I can get details about these and what I need to purchase? mod? and how! Thanks a bunch.
  9. Hey guys l, I have few questions. Does anyone know if 970m will work on stock heatsink? Do I need to mod my power supply?
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