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  1. Recently, the temperature of the my laptop`s processor has risen to 100 degrees. I changed the thermal paste and the temperature fell down to 80 degrees. Thermal paste is the same - gd900. Before that I changed it half a year ago. According to many tests this thermal paste is the best that is on aliexpress. As it turned out, it does not dry out, but damp. The entire gray filler squeezed out to the edges. On the chip there was only a transparent gel-like base, which does not conduct heat. I talked about this topic in other forums, many people had the same problem. At temperatures above 70 degrees, this thermal paste turns into water. According to some data, mx-4 has the same properties. Do you have similar experience?
  2. I love Celvo laptops. This brand is not very popular, so the overprice is low. Their quality is very high, high upgradability, design is easy to maintain, and the cooling system has a reserve. And most importantly - there is no "gaming design bullshit". You understand what I mean.
  3. Hi. I'm a Clevo p150em laptop user and I want to try some experiments with overclocking. - I have a video card gtx 670mx and I want to remove the drop by 25mV when the temperature exceeds 60 degrees. I belive my chip can overcome 1 GHz, if use right vbios mod. - In the near future, try out the thermal interface of liquid metal to bring down the temperature on the processor and the video processor. - In the distant plans upgrade to 980m or 1060 mxm, but I still do not know what exactly to choose and what problems can be. And I'm here to find out the details and other people's examples.
  4. My p150em (15") have full-sized keyboard and I do not feel any discomfort of the screen size. Also I often throw it into my backpack and it barely closes. A move to 17" would sharply reduce my mobility.
  5. Hi, I started overclocking my laptop. Initially, the graphics card provided 601 MHz at core (900 mV voltage) and 1400 MHz at memory. By moddig the bios through the Kepler Tweaker, it was possible to overclock to 944 MHz at core (925 mV voltage) and 2310 MHz at memory. I want to reach 1 GHz by the core, but for this I need to raise the voltage. At a very high voltage, even without load, the fan will start to rustle, so I do not want to raise the voltage much. But there is an idiotic problem. When the temperature of 60 degrees is used, the video card discards 25 mV. This is Nvidia`s feature . In the stock, it drops from 925 to 900, now from 950 to 925. I want 950 constantly, but it's impossible to make through Kepler Tweaker. I saw reports that svl7`s BIOS mod does not have this problem, but anyway I can not download it. So may be somebody know how make right vbios mod.
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