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  1. Hmm, the fck*ing Dell Support will not sell me a new GPU and those 7100 GPUs from China seems to be not working. Does anyone know a reseller, who sells an AMD WX 7100?
  2. Maybe the same problem, I am having? https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/13275-precision-7720-deactivates-amd-7100-gpu-when-system-starts/&tab=comments#comment-175367 Where did you get your WX 7100? This Pro-Version should have 8GB RAM. Did you flash a 4GB RX 480 into the pro-Version?
  3. The Samsung M474A2K43BB1-CTD would be an other module, with even higher clock speeds.
  4. Hello, I bought a cheap version of a Dell Precision 7720 and upgraded it with a XEON Mainboard and an AMD Fire Pro WX7100. When I do a BIOS-Reset (CMOS), the screen stays black and the system reboots three times (I think, this is normal). Then the screen is on and I can enter the BIOS. The dGPU is listed correctly but - no matter what I do (I tried disabling TPM etc) - after leaving the BIOS, the System restarts twice and then the GPU is deactivated. Not shown in BIOS, not visible via lspci-command. I tried to update the BIOS, with no effect. I have no chance to update the VBIOS, because the GPU gets deactivated before any boot procedure. My older FirePro M6100 works, but not all display ports can be driven. Ok, this GPU was never meant to be used with this laptop. Does anyone here has an Idea, what I could try else? I expect the dell support to be not very helpful... Which is finally one reason why I didn't buy a new 4000€ Precision 7740 xD Maybe - is it possible, that no GPU can work, that has more Memory, than the system itself?
  5. Oh, found some: https://eu.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Advantech/SQR-SD4I16G2K4SEBB?qs=1mbolxNpo8e9dWoIZcSmEg%3D%3D
  6. Hello, dell has ECC supported RAM for their Precision laptops sold with a mobile Xeon CPU. Does anyone here know, what is the manufacturer of this ECC modules and where they could be bought?
  7. ... and the hardware accelerated video output using Open-GL or VDPAU has wrong interpolations. There are horizontal stripes, where the pixels seem to be mirrored. Very bad quality :-(
  8. After some weeks of experience, I faced new problems. By using the above tool to stop BIOS fan control, the system sometimes doesn't react on FN-Key-Events, such as screen brightness changing or standby. The events aren't lost, but sometimes delayed by up to one minute. Maybe this Linux-Tool sets the wrong registers, as the programmer found them by brute force testing... I will compare the linux and windows tool, maybe this problem is solvable. But the standby-Wakeup-bug does not only apply for docking changes but also if the power supply is added or removed during standby. I think, this is because the screen brightness is different in battery and grid power mode. When the system changes the brightness before the gpu has waken, it crashes. Also the fancontrol service ~can~ fail and let the system overheat. When using multiple monitors, the exact configuration is sometimes lost after standby and has to be set-up manually in the system settings. Finally I wouldn't recommend to use the Fire Pro M6100 with Precision M6700. Especially when changing from Nvidia, because the nvidia-heatsink does not fit perfectly on this AMD GPU. I needed to put a thin cooper pad between GPU and heatsink to adjust incorrect height. The GPU temp rises up to 94°C under maximum load :-/
  9. Ok, this tool can stop the BIOS Fan Control: https://github.com/clopez/dellfan/ Build it an run with sudo dellfan 1 1 at system start and then the fancontrol-driver will do its job :-)
  10. I found this: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/dellfancmd-%E2%80%93-tool-to-enable-manual-custom-control-of-the-laptop-fans.827106/ which seems to turn off the bios fan control. But only for Windows. Could be difficult to derive a Linux-Solution from the source...
  11. I tried using fancontrol, but it seems, this doesn't turn off the bios fan controlling and the fans are running and stopping randomly.
  12. Hello, because Nvidias Render Offload for Linux is still not working, I replaced my Quadro K5000M with an AMD Fire Pro M6100. This GPU was made for the M6800, I think. It works, but there are two problems: When adding or removing the Laptop from the docking station in standby, it does not wake up (black screen). The Fan(s) only run to medium speed, if the GPU is utilized. hardinfo shows me a sensor "radeon/temp1", which goes up to 95°C in Games. Seems, that the GPU throtles then. I can live with the Standby-docking-problem, but the fan has to work somehow. Is there an extra VBIOS for this GPU in the M6700?
  13. Hello, I am currently running an AMD FirePro M4000 in a P150EM. I used this GPU simply to boot this laptop, but it was great, if i could really use it. The BIOS does not recognize this GPU, Windows shows standard VGA, the driver setup of AMD does not find the card. Is there a trick to install the driver i.e. by modifying some inf-files? Do you know, if enduro works on all GPUs, if the driver is installed? I know, my Nvidia K5000M did never turn off in this laptop and I could not find an optimus V-BIOS.
  14. Why not use transformator oil instead of water? With oil, there will be no problem with electical conductivity and the thermal capacity of some oils is near of the water one's. But I think, to use a hard drive's motor is a bad idea. This motors are optimized for high rotations and low resistance. With water or oil in the hard drive, the motor will spin very slow and may shortcut the powersuply and the mainboard. You need a real pump or a compressor. And of course a current controller. There sould be suitable devices in the PC's water cooling assortment. I'd try to replace the laptop's fans and heatpipes completely with the fluid cooling. You can use the fan's curcuit points to measure the device's temperatures indirectly. Then you need a circuit, that takes it's power directly from the mainboard's power input/battery and transforms the measured (virtual) fan currents into the new pump and fan currents. I can help you with the current controller circuits.
  15. I think, this project can work fine. I tried some simpler cooling improofments and post the resultes on my homepage: mitjastachowiak.de/?/sonstiges/laptopbau/verbesserungderkuehlung.html (ok, it's in German...). I think, the heatpipes need a lot of space and a real fluid cooling can bring a lot of improofments. For example, one can use the laptop's case for cooling... I will try to add some passive cooling to my P150EM by building a connection of massive copper and thermal pads between the heatsinks and the lower case. Hope, this will be enough, to cool the laptop with absolutely no fan noise on idle.
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