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  1. What issues are you currently having? I use the Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 myself on two laptops. Every once in a while i transfer big files of multiple gigabytes and the performance is very good, it usually caps out at the maximum HDD speed. You should also take into consideration if you want the adapter to support bluetooth or not.
  2. Thanks for all the helpful replies! I removed the enter key and looked for something obvious that could cause the problem. I found that the rubber piece itself had to be pressed pretty deep before the key fires, i assume that's what my problem comes down to. I'm used to mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX switches so it's probably just the difference between the keyboards that confuses me. I didn't see anything special so i took some pictures of it and put the key back on.
  3. The regular enter key on my backlit keyboard fails to detect a lot of keypresses. I'd like to take it off and see if i can find a cause. It's not in the manual and google search only seems to return results on how to remove the entire keyboard. Is it even possible without breaking anything?
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    Gaming Mouse

    I've been using a Deathadder for the last few years. I like the precision and how it lies in my hand. I tried changing to a Steelseries Sensei once but i returned it for another Deathadder because the Steelseries mouse felt so small compared to the Deathadder. The top of the Deathadder is made from this soft almost rubber-like plastic which feels great but the sides are made of normal plastic which gets slippery way too fast after using it for a while.
  5. I also encountered this screen when swapping my 7970m for a GTX670mx. The motherboard BIOS had to be updated before installing the new card in order for it to boot properly.
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