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  1. Hi guys, I was having some troubles after the windows 10 anniversary update screwed my modded drivers that I've installed for my GTX970M in my Clevo P150EM, but I've managed to install the latest nvidia driver provided by clevo. Version 368.83 by modding the inf file and the driver was installed but when I start a game it won't start using the Nvidia Graphic Card, it always uses my Intel HD no matter what I do! Thought about two reasons for this to happen: - I have to use an older driver version since I see more people in the forums reporting success. - I saw in premamod.com Prema saying that with version v2 of vBios any driver should work but we need the last version of intel HD drivers since as he said "The Intel driver does the switching. For latest nvidia driver you also need the latest Intel GPU driver or they won’t work together." and I did the update for the intel drivers to the last version and nothing. The problem still persists. What do you guys think of this? Any ideas?
  2. Thank you man, You saved me. I was modding the inf file the wrong way! That guide worked perfectly. Thanks.
  3. Hi all,I'm a proud owner of my old Clevo P150EM and early this year made the upgrade to a GTX 970M and couldn't be happier with that, it looked like a new PC.Today my Windows installed the Windows 10 anniversary update and it screwed my drivers and I can't get my graphic card to work.Already tried various Nvidia Drivers, used DDU to uninstall old drivers, tried modded inf files, disable signature control, and nothing seems to be working. I'm getting kind of desperate here.Does anybody here have the same problem or has the know how to help me? Please?Cheers,António
  4. Did you modded the inf file in order to install the driver?
  5. Probably I'm gonna buy the 970m in my local store... It's actually cheap and i don't have to bother with the GPU installation Thank you everyone for the help
  6. For me the Eurocom is 732€ with shipping and 23% tax (which we pay in Portugal) probably i could buy it without paying the tax but in this case is possible that the customs will retain the shipment so...
  7. Thank you, for the reply.. Yeah.. Everything is stock. Probably I'm gonna choose the 970m and when the new generation of CPU's and GPU's comes out, probably I will do a full upgrade and buy the new clevo laptop that eventually should come out. I've found a store in Portugal that does the upgrade to a 970m for ~580€.. Around 660 US dollars. Is it good value?
  8. I don't know exactly... I think that my power supply is 180w.. It's the standard power supply that comes with the P150EM with a gtx 675m. Is it enough?
  9. Thank everyone, that's what i wanted to hear My real doubt right now is: Should I do a full upgrade to my actual system like buying the gtx 980m, a new CPU and even a ssd hard drive and stick with it for a couple of more years or should I do a minimal upgrade like buying the gtx 970m (which seems to be enough for me right now) and maybe an msata ssd hard drive and wait for the new generation of clevo laptops to come out with new generation CPU's and GPU's? What would you recommend? By the way my actual system is the P150EM with this specs: i7-3610QM | 8GB 1600MHz | GTX 675M | 500GB 7200RPM
  10. I'm seeing a lot of comments saying that it's pointless to do the upgrade to a gtx 980m, because the laptop wont be able to get the most performance of it. Is it really worth to do the upgrade? Anyone here already made it?
  11. Hi I have a P150EM, and today I've found out that i can upgrade my graphics card to a gtx 980M. I'm so happy. I'm planning to buy one card in ebay and do the upgrade myself so I'm looking for guides to do so. If anyone could point me to some guide or give some tips i would be grateful. By the way, thank you Prema for all your mods and support Cheers
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