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  1. Hi there. It seams that my p150em lost a lot of performance about a year ago. It had an 980m , 16gb 1600mhz ram and an i7-3820qm but after one windows update it started to run like crap. Tryied to install onder versions of windows 10, even windows 7 but the performance never returned. I'm trying to give it a second life again. I'm using premamodbios 2.0 for about 6 years. Could the famous v3b bios mod fix my performance issues? i can install the latest nvidia drivers after modding them but even using old compatible drivers it still runs like crap. Could somebody provide the v3b bios? it's an old laptop but i still loved to use the full potencial of my hardware Thanks in advance
  2. Using this one : http://www.coolermaster.com/cooling/thermal-compound/ic-essential-e1/ It's the only one that i've tested that can cool down my i7-3820QM in full load. About the quantity, when i remove the heatsink it covers basically the core of the GPU, all the square . Don't know how to better describe it. Maybe a photograph? Thanks
  3. So i've bought one 980m heatsink and installed it but my gpu temps are almost identical to my original heatsink. I noticed that the heatpipes of this new heatsink are indeed bigger as they almost didnt fit on the bottom of the laptop (i had to make pressure for it to fit) . Should i mod the botton of the laptop? Any advices to achieve better cooling? I don't overclock and already modded the lower cover to raise the laptop and add another fan, and that helped but still gets to 92º when using full 100% gpu usage on witcher 3. Thanks
  4. Hi there! I'm interested to know what is the best Wifi/bluetooth adapter that i can install on a clevo P150EM. All new models come in M.2 form factor, and the P150EM only has the mPCIe conection. I've searched and found out that there are m.2 to mpcie connecter adapters but i don't know if the adapter+ the wifi card will fit under my keyboard (the place where the mpcie is located), and even if it fits, i still need connector adapters for the antenna plugs. Any help is much apreciated
  5. This did the trick. Now working! Thank you
  6. Hi there. I've got Windows 10 installed on my P150EM in one of my SSD and installed all the drivers that it required, but the THX software doesn't change the sound output. The software registers as usual and it detects de sound driver and all, but all the settings i change on the software doesn't change anything in the sound. I' got windows 7 installed on other SSD and on that OS, the THX works as it should be. Is there any new version of the program or some new driver for windows 10 to make it work again? Thanks in advance
  7. BUMP So, almost one month and nobody knows anything about this problem? Thanks
  8. Thank you so much! By the way, tested on windows 10 and everything works fine once again!
  9. THANK YOU! Everything appears to work now (as with old INF mod) but the Context Menu reappeard now Going to test on my windows 10 partition to see if everything goes well there too. Will you implement this infs in the next drivers for now on? It would help us a lot (i spent nights trying to mod the infs but with every new version it seems to change here and there :/ ) Thank you again
  10. With the modded inf of clevo (non-optimu) it worked and everything seems do work fine, except the context menu where i could choose the GPU to use with some programs...nothing major as i can do that manually on the nvidia control panel. Thanks for all the help. Heres my GPU-Z screenshot to add the p150em to the device list if anyone wants it:
  11. But the clevo version on download says "non-optimus", and p150em (like p170em) have optimus (one of the big problems with this new drivers). Tried with the alieware optimus INF and it didn't work :/
  12. Hi there. I've been noticing performance drops on some games associated with low GPU usage. The games run fine at 60 fps + for the most part and the gpu usage is above 80%. But in some areas the fps drops dramatically to mid 30fps and the gpu usage drops to 30-40% too. Even on Borderlands Pre-sequel, where the game usually runs at 120-90 fps, sometimes drops to 40-35 fps (with physx on low setting wich i think is the same as OFF). My CPU usage never hit 99% or near that on that sections so i hope it isn't the CPU bootlecking. And it isn't Temperature Throttle, because the temps are about 70º on those moments (my gpu only gets really hot when its usage get's above de 90%). Other thing i noticed was that with the latest nvidia drivers that i got to work (376.33), when i turned physx to higger settings, the performance got a drop but it didn't show any physx effects anywhere on the game. Another thing that doesn't work is the Nvidia Gamestream because it always gives error trying to connect from another device. Performance wise, it looks like i'm getting the same performance as my girfriends clevo P651SE that has an 970m, and on that laptop, i can connect to nvidia gamestream using the same method that fails on my laptop. Could the reason be the new drivers? It is getting more dificult to install new drivers on this model and i can see that some functionalities are starting to fail. By the way, i don't overclock any of my components. My System Specs are : - Clevo P150EM with PremaBios V2 and PremaVbios V2 Flashed - nvidia 980M - I7-3820QM - 16gb of RAM - Windows 7 64Bits - 180W powersupply with 1 year of use ( I bought a new one from a CLEVO P651SE because it was smaller than my stock one, and my original was starting to fail, just outputting 130W from the 180W, making my internal display dimm the Light when i pushed my 980m just a little bit more) Thanks in advance
  13. Hi there. So, for the 980m, the best heatsink should be de 980m heatsink of what clevo laptop originally? The P150SM? I have the heatsink of my original gtx 675m and the temps can get really hot in some games (like 92 degrees on farcry 4 or fallout 4). I even had to mod the case to install a fan to cool it down ( got a decrease to around 80 - 82 degrees ).
  14. Hi there. Is there any full proof method to update the nvidia drivers or to MOD the INF files with the most recent drivers? I used to have problems installing this drivers on windows 10 but on windows 7 not so much. But latelly even on windows 7 there is no garantee that the driver installs with all the functionality full on. And i thing I'm getting basically the same performance on my 980m on my P150EM as the 970m on my girfriend P651SE :/ Thanks
  15. Will this modded inf work on a Clevo P150EM with an 980m? There is mention of the P170EM on the instructions but no file with that model to download. Thanks
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