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  1. Ah. I'll try that, then. Thanks.
  2. I've looked online, and I can't find much. I noticed that someone managed to get the NP8130 supported: HCL 10.7.2/Portables - OSx86 Does anyone have any more information on this, or has somewhat successfully done it themselves?
  3. I believe that on battery, the GPU downclocks to 135 MHz core, 324 MHz memory. It may be possible to overclock the card further, but I'm not sure. Maybe someone can make a vbios mod for it. EDIT: Actually, svl7's vbios mod allows me to manually set the 675MX's clock to whatever I want when on battery.
  4. I noticed in my 9150 that significant amounts of air were not being pushed through the radiator that sits between the fan and the exhaust outlet, and instead were coming out of the small gap between the fan and the radiator. I taped some aluminum foil over this gap to try and combat the problem. I would post temps, but I sadly wasn't too systematic. Anyone else do anything similar? And is there a chance of the tape melting? It seems fine, but I'm a little weary. Here's a picture if anyone's interested:
  5. The P150EM BIOS is good for the NP9150, correct?
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