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  1. T6nn_k

    980M seems to be compatible with EM series

    What max temps 980M SLI gives on max load? I upgraded my P370EM3 heatsinks to SM-A and 680M SLI temps were similar or even cooler on slave GPU. After upgrade to 980M SLI I see up to 13*C higher on slave GPU (73*C and 86*C). Idle temps are cooler on slave tho (33*C and 34*C). I tried different mods (lapping, added extra heatpipe with fins) and even got a new fan but no improvement. I just mention that my CPU cooling is not shared with slave GPU as original EM heatsinks were designed.
  2. T6nn_k

    clevo 370em no display only external

    So what was wrong and how exactly you solved it?
  3. T6nn_k

    clevo 370em no display only external

    He did try but it was too difficult.
  4. T6nn_k

    clevo 370em no display only external

    Just asked my friend about it and he ended up taking it into repairs and had to get a new display.
  5. T6nn_k

    clevo 370em no display only external

    My friend had similar issue when he used Afterburner to overclock. Turned out that it had messed up EDID. Look into that.
  6. T6nn_k

    Sager 9150 (P150EM) and GTX 970M

    Copy .inf from here https://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/topic/31809-geforce-37866-mobile-oem/
  7. T6nn_k

    GTX 980m thermal pad thickness?

    Where did you use 1,5mm and where 0,5mm?
  8. T6nn_k

    GTX 980m thermal pad thickness?

    EM and SM should both be same heatsinks (2 piece) and SM-A is one piece. In my experience all have same cooling performance on master GPU. Contact surface should be exactly the same.
  9. T6nn_k

    GTX 980m thermal pad thickness?

    Stacking thermal pads is not ideal. I'm going to use 1,5mm ARCTIC thermal pad, because it's not that brittle and I can repaste without braking the pad. I'll be installing 3mm+ on other side to cool the memory. Got the last tip from forum member. Picture with original pads will explain your R22 question.
  10. T6nn_k

    GTX 980m thermal pad thickness?

    1,5mm on memory and 2mm on R22 should be correct. Original pads are strong and can be easily reused so you can measure it but make sure you put new thermal paste. This is what I measured on 680m in P370EM3
  11. T6nn_k

    [GUIDE] NVIDIA VBIOS flashing

    It's most likely a bad thermal compound. Start from there mate. GC-Extreme is what I use.
  12. T6nn_k

    GTX 980m thermal pad thickness?

    That 1,5mm on top can't be right. It's more like 3,5mm if using 2mm on both sides.
  13. T6nn_k

    980m with coil whine issue

    External dac/amp will help you to forget it.
  14. T6nn_k


    I dont use my P370EM clickpad that offten, but when I do I like it. I specially like the looks and huge tracking field. Overall I don't see what the fuzz is about it when you have a decent mouse to use.
  15. It happened to me with 680m's with high OC. Should there be a modded driver or the OC is just too much?
  16. Those bioses help a lot. So help the makers [emoji106]
  17. T6nn_k

    GTX 680M awful throttling issue running GTA IV mods

    Heatsink upgrade will help slave GPU to maintain cooler temp.
  18. T6nn_k

    Best Thermal Paste

    In my experience MX-4 degrades under high temp. I have been using Gelid GC Extreme for 6 months without repasting and temps seems to be same. Great stuff!
  19. The dust filters are for regular 120mm fans and it is under the laptop cooler. And yes the airflow is way better without filters, but I prefer to clean these filters every week instead the heatsinks. Max 81 degrees with OC in good for P370EM Sent from my SM-A300FU using Tapatalk
  20. Another thing what I did was to coose the gaps between fan and heatsink. So all the air is flowing through heatsink. I used foil tape for that and it made my system even more cooler. Only downside is that you can't clean your heatsink from dust that easily. Thats why I use dust filters. One of my oc 680m's reaches 90 degrees as well, but when I turn full fan on then it's 81. Other gpu is 10+ degrees cooler. Sent from my SM-A300FU using Tapatalk
  21. ChaozBR are you using high end thermal paste. In my experience some pastes like MX-4 will quickly degrade in high heat. 1. I use Gelid Extreme and I'm happy with it. Also make sure you clean surfaces properly before repasting 2. I use laptop cooler with 3 120 vents. All 3 have dust filters so I don't get any dust in my system. The filters restrict air flow so much that the cooler acts more like a filter than a cooler for my system. Sent from my SM-A300FU using Tapatalk
  22. I have similar issue with my clevo p370em when overclocked. Gpu won't go past 90 due to thermal throttle so it is safe but usless overclock imo. My cpu reached 105 in max overclock. Use top notch thermal compound and max fans. Sent from my SM-A300FU using Tapatalk
  23. I'm running my Clevo 680m SLI @ +135/+500 with stock vBIOS. Is it worth flashing and going for higher oc while remaining stable? Bro tips are welcome!
  24. T6nn_k

    Threads and posts are not posting on this forum

    Has it been approved now?

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