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  1. Hi guys, I need help with regard to my clevo p570wm3 laptop. it was fine untill I tried to install windows 8 PE x64 OS along side my windows 7 OS in the same boot drive.I guess I messed up somehow by changing some bios settings, e.g. CSM, trused device, UEFI and etc.as my PE system won't load. At first I wasn't able to boot back to windows 7, which stopped booting when windows loading screen supposed to appear, so I hard rebooted the machine, but now it stucks in boot logo (I flashed prema's bios mod btw, which was fine). So I thought I should do a bios reset, so that I can get back into the settings.but the very strange thing is, the CMOS/BIOS won't reset! I tried to remove the CMOS battery, and left it uncharged without the laptop battery attached for 30 mins for several times (I have also pressed the power botton for 30 seconds in this state), but everytime when I boot up the machine, i'm still prompted with the BIOS password screen (I have BIOS boot password set before), and after I entered the password, the screen just stucks in prema boot logo just the same as before.So, can anyone please help me to figure out why the BIOS can't be reset, it will be much appreciated!!btw, It seems there is no CMOS jumper?Many thanks!
  2. What is BGA stands for, some kinds of soldered GPU(unremovable?) on mobo? I hope it will be mxm compatible, will wait and see.
  3. I recently bricked my m18x r2 motherboard by usb blind bios flash, so I bought a replacement, but the problem is that, when I install the new mobo, my screen starts to show weird signs, like flashing white dots in screen background, and not long after that, there is 1 vertical line appeared on my right hand side screen, and it won't go even I power off the machine or reboot even after I removed both discreet cards and switched in Igfx mode. The strange thing is, when I test the hdmi in port with my PC hooked up, the flashing white dots in screen background disappeared, but the vertical line remained; on the other hand, when I test the hdmi out port, everything works fine in output screen which is my PC monitor. So I would like to know: 1, can a defect in mobo, e.g. bad monitor cable connection slot causes this kind of problem? 2, is my CPU which is 3920xm the cause of the problem? e.g. needs to resit, or bad onboard graphics module? 3, is my screen faulty? (but before this mobo replacement, it was fine, and I have even tried another screen, and it has the same problem as this 1, but without the vertical line) I'm really confused, I ordered another new mobo and am waiting for it to come. but in the meanwhile, it would be great if someone can shed some light on this, I hope the problematic mobo didn't do any damage to my screen, i.e. the vertical line, otherwise I might have to replace the screen as well? Many thanks!
  4. for that budget, maybe clevo x599/x799 or aw 17, but for upgradability, some people say clevo model is easier than aw models, other says aw got better temperatures, but since I never owned a clevo, I can only say this based on the information i gathered from internet.
  5. I've got one 15 inch 2012 retina macbook pro, and I'm recently considering to sell it and buy one new 15 inch 2015 model retina macbook pro. but before I buy, I would like to know if there is any screen ghost image retention problem like the one I got, i.e. if you open up a internet browser e.g. Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons and More | eBay, and if you leave the screen 10-20 mins unchanged, the image will "burnt" into the background even after you closed the internet browser which is very annoying. and also, how long is the battery life of the new model if mostly used for web browsing, word process and pdf viewing, do you think it is a worthy upgrade? many thanks
  6. I've got one m18x r2, and I have overclocked my cpu to 4.2ghz in throttlestop, and also, overclocked my 680ms to 950/1100. The problem is, when i run 3dmarks11 extreme mode, my cpu temp goes up to 90c, and my main gpu goes up to 80c, my secondary gpu to 90c. are those temperatures of my 3920xm and 680ms normal?
  7. to me, skyrim is still my favorite game in open world rpg category, because it has so many amazing mods you can add to the game that other games don't have, e.g. character customization mods, gameplay overhauls, texture mods, and enbs and etc. my m18x r2 with 680m (2gb version) sli overclocked to 950/1024 still struggles to run it very smoothly with all the mods and enb I throw at it, I won't how the game performs with gtx 980m sli with heavy modded skyrim with 2k-4k textures mods and enb?
  8. I'm planning to upgrade my gpus for my m18x r2 from gtx 680m sli to 980m sli, but the price online for 980m is still very expensive to these days, and also since there are rumors about gtx 990m coming out in next a few months. Do you guys think it is a good time to go for the upgrade or to wait for the new 990m?
  9. I followed the steps but it won't work: - format 1 usb drive with fat32 format; - put the a03 stock bios inside with nothing else; - shutdown the computer and unplug everything, and remove the battery; - insert the usb drive into the esata port; - plug in the power cord while holding down the end key - release the end key once the keyboard lights go on and fans spin everytime, about 1 min later, the computer reboots but the bios version is never changed
  10. it should depend on what game you play, some will achieve 60fps @1080p, others won't, e.g. skyrim with texture mods and enb
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