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  1. Difference between ivy bridge and Ivy Bridge and Haswell is about 4-6% improvement in cpu performance, and minor minor update in gpu performance. Not worse the update. thiagod i recommend to change your processor with i7 3920xm or 3940xm - one of the powerful processor in the world (p150em support all i7 3rd generation). Also Prema testing gtx 780m on clevo p150em:D. P150em with 3940xm and a gtx780 will be a damn powerful.
  2. It's a litte bit harder to keep it at 60 fps:). Playing this game on my laptop and it is hard to have 30 fps at full hd resolution. Overall i love the game. Maybe i will change my laptop for 60 fps:)
  3. Can i adapt a 240W dell psu for my p151em clevo? Can i have problem with burning my motherboard or any think else? This update is made because i will buy a I7 3940xm and a gtx 680 or ati 8970m.
  4. How many achievements do you have in metro 2033?
  5. Someone play one of those games? Any opinion?
  6. My list is: 1. Prey 2 2. Super Hot 3. Tower of Guns 4. Contagion 5. Evolve – Turtle Rock/2K Games 6. Dying Light – Techland/Warner Bros. 7. Titanfall – Respawn 8. Destiny – Bungie 9. Wolfenstein: The New Order 10. Survarium
  7. What is the optimal settings for playing watch dog on a full hd laptop. Any ideea? I am not sure if it's ok to buy it.
  8. I want to change my psu from my clevo for supporting a better video card and a powerfull i7 processor. Do you recommand a 180w or 230w psu. It will work? I want to buy a psu from an XPS M1730.
  9. Can i play watch dogs on a clevo p151em with gtx 670m?
  10. m00nspeell

    Adding SSD to GX70

    You laptop will be fast like hell! I recomand to use corsair ssd
  11. I saw Fargo. Nice movie. - - - Updated - - - not a movie, it's a serial:)
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