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  1. I inadvertently ended up opening the case, my Mobo is Rev 2.4 - SO SPECCY LIES.. Sorry... I have no idea if I have TB 2 or not with Rev 2.4... the layout is different, should have taken pictures.. DOH!
  2. Hello, You can also download the app "Speccy" and it will tell you your mobo version... I have 1.0 on a G75vw.. super bummed! I'm about to do this too, I guess, cheaper than building a new pc, can return parts. It looks plug and play on the VW models in this thread, and one other guy said it was plug-n-play, but one had issues, downloaded the bios and all that, still couldn't get it running... Link
  3. Did you get this working? I was under the impression it was relatively plug and play. I'm on a G75VW with a GTX 660m and am looking at an R9 390 as an egpu.
  4. Sorry for the late reply! I recently been told the 660m on the G75vw can't be OC'd beyond the initial 135+ core oc in inspector or after burner, because of bios locks & driver locks. About a year or more ago you could bypass the Bios locks through changing states in Inspector, upwards of 1260mhz gpu oc... But it seems Nvidia has locked that out now, the driver will crash. I am not sure about the other models, mainly the Lenovo Y580 with the 660m, as I haven't heard back from the guy that did it years ago. :/ Try getting in touch with (removed by admin - external website advertisement against TOS) he may be able to help you personally, as well as him creating numerous guides on going with the modded bios if you're inclined to do so... I'm not ready to cash this laptop as I do not have a replacement. I am currently going for an eGPU setup, recently learned the G75vw model is plug-n-play compatible with the mini pci-e connection, but does not have thunderbolt, unfortunately.. To know if your G75VW has thunderbolt or not, check your motherboard version, 1.0 or 2.0, 2.0 seems to have the thunderbolt 2.0, while 1.0 does not. I have v.1.0 and was extremely upset about it. Or it's 1.0 that shipped with thunderbolt and 2.0 didn't, hilariously enough I can't remember or find the article I was reading it in. It was some type of snafu though, some of the G75's shipped with TB 2.0 and some didn't. But anyway, you can bing that.
  5. Some people are able to successfully overclock the GTX 660m to 1200mhz GPU Clock and 2500mhz Mem Clock but I keep experiencing driver crashes. Screenshot
  6. Windows 8 is UEFI on your mobo, so don't worry about losing it... You have to get into the BIOS and change your boot options and boot from USB install, CD will not work. I did this about a year ago, it was a pain in the a to figure out... You have to turn off something in the bios to boot from usb, legacy something or csm... I can't remember.. But you can't boot from cd! lol.. Ubuntu's performance was great, however, games ran poorly.. :/ If you figure it out and eventually want to go back to windows, just download windows 8's iso from microsoft and make it usb bootable with their usb tool.. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/windows-usb-dvd-download-tool
  7. Bezerkr1

    Asus G75vw

    MXM is great, mine has upgradable cpu and gpu... It's a shame ASUS didn't make more cards for this model. Mine has a GTX 660m, you can swap it with the 670m but it's not an upgrade. The GTX 880m will fit the socket but I'm not sure it will fit the case and the screw mounts won't line up as well as the 660m heat sink not properly fitting. However, you may be able to rig it in there with electrical tape but I'm not even sure it will run do to voltages, I can't find any documentation on it and am looking myself. I'm tempted to order it since many of the ebay vendors have a return policy and documenting it myself. But if you could do it first that would be great! lol On the overclocking side my 660m is said to be overclocked to 1200mhz gpu (from 850mhz) clock and 2500mhz memory clock, but I am experiencing driver and, I assume, voltage crashes. I had Battlefield 4 and other games working on this overclock with a 30-40fps boost from the overclock but the driver crashes or the game freezes, I haven't experienced anything catastrophic, these are ordinary crashes, not system crashes. Furmark doesn't crash however and my temps stayed under 70'c with fresh thermal paste. There is said to be modded bios but I am unsuccessful in retrieving them and I've read you can not modify the voltage anyway.. I get 1.1v overclocked without modded bios and most of the guy's I've seen said you need 1.5v... GTX 660m GTX 880m Would be a hell of an upgrade too. I'm inexperienced in the area, any guidance would be appreciated. I'm not seeing much info on eGPU's and the G75vw, would appreciate more info on that as well.
  8. I finally summoned up the nerve to crack open my laptop for the first time ever, besides the back panel. I was an a mission to put new thermal paste on my cpu and gpu and I thank the Council of Cosmic Ministers I did. The GPU core had bleached the heatsink and needed thermal paste really bad, I'm glad I stopped playing the Witcher 3 when I did. @_@ Onto the point, I had the pleasure of learning the CPU was upgradable as well as the GPU being MXM upgradable, it would be great if that were better advertised. I'm just interested in the GPU the i7 3630qm seems fine. I'm looking at other asus mxm cards and it looks like the only one that may fit is the GTX 670m which is significantly weaker. This [URL="http://www.ebay.com/itm/For-ASUS-G750JZ-MXM-Video-Card-60NB04M0-VG1020-nVIDIA-GTX-880M-GDDR5-100-tested-/201466062129?hash=item2ee8502531:g:wAsAAOSwvt1WRJ-3"]GTX 880m will fit the socket, but may not line up all the way with the screw sockets. I'm sure I could rig it in there, but I was interested in if anyone has any experience with this. I'm just eyeballing the G75VW and G750 motherboards, it will fit but the screws don't all line up. There are also external GPU adapters like this [URL="http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00Q4VMLF6/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=MLJR7I40QP9I&coliid=I14D9TK3EVTC7B"]EXP GDC PCI-E Adapter for hooking up a full sized GPU, has anyone done this? The PCI-E port is internal, so I would have to deal with that. I've considered overclocking as well. I get the basic +135 from Inspector and that seems noticeable. I've been through several threads and can't really understand what I'm supposed to do to overclock it further... What type of performance boost are you looking at with an extreme overclock? My GPU isn't going over 68'c with a load on it, I can push it a little more.
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