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  1. Yeap, tried that too. Could it be the drivers? I just followed some random .inf modding guide. Is there a modding guide that I should follow?
  2. Hey folks, I'm installed a GTX 970M in my Sager 9150 and flashed both Premamod BIOS v2 and vBIOS v2. Modded the .inf of nvidia newest driver 378.66 and managed to install it. However, I cannot get the dGPU to run. I made sure the applications that I was trying to run was configured to use Nvidia in Nvidia control panel. Any idea what's going on with it?
  3. Rolled back to Windows 7 and the everything works fine. One thing tho, none of the NVIDIA drivers installs except 355.98. I will try to upgrade to Win10 soon when I have the time to play around with stuff.
  4. I installed Win10 over a Win7 in my P150EM and now games no longer run on the dGPU(970M). My laptop runs on Premamod BIOS and vBIOS. When I tried installing the latest Nvidia drivers it says "No compatible hardware found". If I use a modded .inf the setup will proceed but will fail to install the driver. What should I do to get my dGPU to run in windows 10? EDIT Just to add more information, I am running Hotkey 8.01 (power conservation set to performance) and Windows does detect the 970M (it shows up in device manager).
  5. I can't run GTA V on this GPU, tried running on the iGPU and it works fine. Anybody knows whats wrong? When on dGPU, the GTA V picture comes out but social club does not run for some reason.
  6. ssassassa9

    Sager 9150 970M

    I just got my 970M today and instead in a P150EM, I flashed Premamods vbios mod and I am already using premamod bios as well. But the nvidia installer says no compatible hardware detected when I tried to install the drivers. What could be the problem?When I went to Nvidias website and scan for hardware to update drivers, this returned: Modded the .inf and it works now, I thought we didn't need modded inf to get this to work.
  7. Abit of an off topic here, but may I ask how much was the 980M they offered?
  8. Has anyone got their 970M/980M from mythlogic? How much did it cost?
  9. I'll disassemble the gpu later and if it still doesnt work It's probably the dGPU right? Cuz I don't wanna spend money on a new GPU and realize that something else is broken instead of the GPU. Just realized I don't have the tool to unscrew the hexagonal shaped thing that holds the card in place
  10. I have a Sager NP9150 with an AMD7970M. Last night, my screen blacked out while I was watching a video, audio was still playing just the screen. I restarted the laptop but it wouldn't get pass the windows logo screen. Tried several times but windows doesn't boot. So this is what I did: -formatted the laptop -installed a fresh copy of windows 7 -boot up -install drivers(except AMD 7970M) -reboot and everything works fine -install AMD 7970M driver, installation stuck at a black screen with a blinking underscore -restart, stuck at windows boot logo -restore back to before AMD drivers were installed -boot up fine I've tried this like 4 times now and most of the time it gets stuck at windows boot logo, and once it just BSOD during the windows boot logo screen. Does this mean that my GPU is fried? Are there any ways to confirm this before I buy a replacement GPU?
  11. Is there a guide I could follow to mod the drivers?
  12. I manage to get hold of a 980m to test this out and I got the same result as well, the bios cannot detect the card. May I know should I modify the drivers for my P150EM to make it work?
  13. When you got yours from rjtech, which clevo model did you select from the drop-down menu? Wondering which one would fit my P150EM.
  14. They should come with heat sinks right. My current AMD 7970m one would fit I guess.
  15. ssassassa9

    Gtav on pc

    Anyone pre-ordered GTA V? I got a Malaysian version for $35. Though I'm if it'll be region locked cuz I'll be playing it in Australia. Any news on region lock yet?
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