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  1. @debianik thanx bro what is exact name of that programming device?
  2. @Klem now i don't have any of these is it possible to do any trick from here(mean from my msi gt60)
  3. @debianik the problem is that no nvidia display adapter is showning in dos where i have to select adapter for flashing it
  4. @Klem bro can you guide me how to flash aw 580m vbios to msi 670m
  5. @debianik brother i do not know how to do that can you guide me?
  6. @debianik does not showing in device manager maybe card is dead or port is dead.... - - - Updated - - - @debianik i've placed alienware m18xr2 card gtx 580m it is also not showing - - - Updated - - - @Suoah any suggestion on this one ?
  7. @iTzZent @debianik @Klem yes bro i've done the same thing set primary display from sg to igfx and flashed it,but i want to know that is there any tool to check mxm port
  8. hello dear members is there anyway to check mxm port of my msi gt60? because i do not know whether my laptop's graphic card is burnt or mxm port is dead. waiting for your replies. Thank You
  9. if member belongs to Pakistan, reply to this post or pm me, I want to know that from where i can purchase discrete gpu for my laptop.
  10. @Suoah i've sent a picture of my BIOS kindly review it and tell me which option i am missing from it. waiting 4 ur reply
  11. Hello members i owns a msi gt60 0nc and using Xonar unlocked bios but i didnt see any chipset or system agent configuration option can anyone help me on this one? i just want to change my graphic mode from SG to IGFX.
  12. ok @Klem what should i do after getting the alienware?
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