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Nvidia GeForce 600m Series Notebook GPUs released

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So... after months of wild speculating and guessing we finally have some first official numbers regarding the new mobile GPUs of Nvidia.

Here the specifications listed on the official Nvidia site:

GTX 660MGTX 670MGTX 675M Graphics Clock CUDA Cores Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec) Memory Interface Memory Clock Memory Interface Width Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) Max SLI Configuration
835MHz 598MHz 620MHz
384 336 384
30.4 33.5 39.7
2000MHz 1500MHz 1500MHz
128-bit 192-bit 256-bit
64 72 96
2-Way 2-Way 2-Way

610MGT 620MGT 630MGT 635MGT 640M LEGT 640MGT 650M Graphics Clock CUDA Cores Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec) Memory Interface Memory Interface Width Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec)

900MHz 625MHz 800MHz 675MHz 500MHz 625MHz 850MHz
48 96 96 144 384 384 384
7.2 10 12.8 16.2 16 20 27.2
64-bit 128-bit 128-bit 192-bit 128-bit 128-bit 128-bit
14.4 28.8 32 43.2 28.8 64 64

There are seven 600m series GPUs which can be considered low- to middle-end and three which are high-end.

No word on the Nvidia site about which manufacturing process is being used for these chips, but the statement telling

Compared to the 500M series, the 600M series is twice as efficient

one should assume that they really shifted to 28nm only, but I want to see this confirmed before I really believe this to be true.

Anyway, looking at the specs of Nvidias new mobile flagship, the GTX 675m I can't help but to think that they just shrinked the fermi architecture... the specs and clocks are identical to the 580m. They might also have messed up the numbers they put on the site, it just seems unlikely that all GPUs from the 640m up to the 675m all have the same core count (except for the 670m).

Well, I guess we will see more information in the near future, when the first systems with these GPUs are getting released. I'm definitely curious about how they perform and can't wait to see some benchmarks. Also the overclocking capability is going to be a very interesting point. So far there's no word about new features for this GPU series, so it's unclear whether the "clock boost" technology which can be found in the desktop GTX 680 will also make its way to the mobile GPUs.

Here some performance graphs, also taken from Nvidias website:


So far I'm really not that impressed, though we have yet to see the real world performance, and tbh I'm really curious about the AMD 7000m series :)
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Frame rates for BF3 basically the same as Skyrim???? That would take some hinky settings.

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hm... i expected more from the high end cards. It's possible they will release a GTX 680m/690m in the future that would be stronger. So far, an incremental update at best.

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675M is basically a rebadged 580M. Hopefully 680M will be a proper Kepler.

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Thats what AMD did from 6970m (960shader)- 6990m (1120 shader). 675 may be rebadge if speculation is correct but Nvidia is probably loading this 680m to full capacity :) 480m - 580m is respectable difference I think. Or was that a rebadge I think 580m brought core count higher to 384 Nvidia has Amd by just a smidgen in mobile top gpu 500series compared to Amd 6000 series. Its a marketing scheme of wait till competition releases their top model and release one just a bit better but charge far more in comparison to the benefit haha Nvidia got green backs? AMD it might burn your lap but it didnt cost a kidney :P lets see some 7000m's vs 600m's :) thats going to be interesting as I think SVL7 was getting at :)

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Well MXM 3.1 standard is out now as of a few weeks ago. The only significant change is the support for PCIe 3.0 x16 speeds. According to the Clevo retailers, there is no physical change and the card design so it is backward compatible. I will not be surprised if the 680m will have like 480 or 512 shaders. Anyways I ramble on. Bring it on Alienware. I've already been offered a replacement but I've turned it down until the refreshes are out.

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Someone please post a GTX 675M vbios? :)

Would be cool if we could flash our GTX 580Ms.

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      2 - vBios for the 780m

      Modded drivers:

      I am not actually sure these drivers are modded... They might just be "Enhanced". 
      So check out this link as well to learn how to mod drivers yourself (really not that hard)

      To install a modded driver you need to restart Windows with DSE disabled (driver signature). Please google this to find how to do it.
      I personally haven't tried MrFox's drivers but I read they yield fantastic results on Kepler GPU's (780m included) so you can give these a try.
      Everything worked!!!! Red Alert 2 and Age of Empires 2 were running!!!! Joking aside i launched Gta v and The witcher 3 which ran at a decent 30+ FPS. Castlevania Lords of Shadow 1 and 2 i could play at Ultra. I was genuinely happy with my rig.
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