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  1. Do you have any idea if there are going to be new models with 980m SLi or are they just going to update the P370SM-A and P377SM-A series? Edit: Also do you know when separate cards will become available?
  2. House of Cards, Community, Arrow (and potentially Flash and Gotham starting soon) Game of Thrones, Tyrant. I also watch some regular stuff like Bones, Criminal Minds, Mentalist etc. Graceland and Suits are also good.
  3. I asked Prema about the 780m's and yes he told me they would be plug and play. My P377SM barebones is coming on Monday and I'll be putting GTX 780m's in them. As it happens though, I am flush with 780m's (I have somehow ended up with 4 of them) and I have a pair of spares should you wish to buy some.
  4. Seeing as they are the same chip, I have high hopes that the 880m will work. Just give it some time. Prema will update us when he can.
  5. Prema is currently on holiday but I did ask him about this and he definitel hasn't forgotten about it. It is in the works. Just hold off a few more weeks.
  6. Ah it is as I suspected. You technically aren't running on the dedicated GPU. I have the 120hz version I don't have switchable graphics which means I'm stuck on my GPU which is not compatible with WiHD in the R4. Thanks for confirming that!
  7. Tell me more! What bios are you using and what LCD screen version do you have?
  8. Hello there. I noticed your SIG says you have a 3d alienware m17x r4 3d with gtx 780m GPU. Please is the 3d option enabled on yours after the gpu upgrade? If yes how? If no is it possible? Thanks.

  9. It does not exist and no, the 18 version doest not fit in the 17.
  10. It is to do with the GPU. I haven't isolated the cause of the beep but I have experienced it. Changing of thermal pads solved the issue for me but your mileage may vary.
  11. I have tried R3 parts which are Sibeam Gen2 and even the R4 parts - Sibeam Gen3 which came out when the R4 was first released but quickly pulled. I have tried every combination I can think of with no luck whatsoever. I messaged an Alienware rep (a reputable one) who informed me that with their testing, they have never gotten WiHD to work on an R4 with an nvidia card.
  12. I have tried this. It won't work with nvidia cards. It may work with AMD cards and Intel but I have never got it to work in my laptop. It will however work perfectly in a M17x R3 with any GPU.
  13. I have my chips at 1.65v constantly in order to achieve 1866Mhz CL9. I don't get as good transfer speeds but my latency is in the 40s.
  14. I understand. I'll probably leave it at 5Gbps the whole time I use it. Still though, 8GB of GDDR5! What game would max that out at 1080p?! Was the 3DMark 11 run at 1100Mhz fully stable? That's close to GTX 680 Classified territory. Well it's a bit weird. I've owned 3 GTX 780m's, all from Dell with green PCB. First one was plum, can go 1Ghz with a single bump to the voltage. The next two cards were all pretty bad unable to sustain 1Ghz for very long on any voltage, perhaps one loop of heaven before crashing. I'm not too fussed.
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