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  1. @fs7halkx2 I get a maximum Cinebench R15 score of 246cb which is fine for me. I should mention that I've re-applied thermal paste (Noctua NT-H1) for the CPU and GPU. I also cut out a hole where the fan is positioned because the fan can't suck all the air through the tiny holes at higher RPMs. Furthermore, I put some higher feets under the laptop so that the air gap is bigger which results in a much better air flow at high RPMs. Under full load with maximum overclock I get ~75°C cpu temp at 22°C ambient temp and the fan is able to speed faster. I have the same problem with the unlocked BIOS, I also unlocked some additional features myself but it doesn't look like that we are able to change v-core, FSB, multiplier or RAM settings. I bet my CPU could handle 3.8-4.0 GHz with some additional voltage, which would be absolutely insane. For LCD overclock i use also CRU and the Nvidia driver, both work flawlessly. Regarding granulation artifacts: When did they appear? You could try to clean the mxm port and the gpu contacts, but I highly doubt that this will solve your problem. If they occured directly after flashing a vbios, maybe you could try a different one. I only got a Nvidia GTS 250m in my laptop (which I initially wanted to replace with a quadro k2100m, it didn't work or the card is broken) and I've never experienced that problem. At least the 250m is 25% overclockable, but it's still bad . At some point in the future we should buy a "new" laptop and keep this one as a backup. A decent gaming laptop would be i.e. the Asus ROG Strix GL702ZC-GC204T 17.3" (AMD Radeon RX 580 (Laptop), AMD Ryzen 5 1600) which currently costs only 899€ in my country.
  2. Turned out that my 2 GB RAM module was causing the blue screens when I go higher than 145 MHz FSB. Im currently at 160 Mhz FSB which results in a 3.5 GHz single core turbo and 3.2 GHz multi core turbo. I am using an i5 520m which has a default speed of 2.4 GHz (2.9 GHz single turbo, 2.66 GHz multi turbo). I'll keep you posted.
  3. Even with the unlocked BIOS there seems no way to push up the voltage for any of the components. You could try "setfsb_2_2_134_98" with the "ICS9LPRS113AKLF" or "ICS9LPRS133BKLF" clock generator to increase the FSB. I was able to push it from 133 MHz to 143 MHz (stable) which results in a 200 MHz OC per Core but thats it. Maybe you have more luck.
  4. If you got the E1727IMS.10F Version, then no. I've downloaded the unlocked BIOS for the GX740 and manually unlocked some other features with AMIBCP, but I still have no idea how to OC it.
  5. I could try to unlock certain features of the E1727IMS.10F BIOS with AMIBCP by setting everything to USER, but I have a feeling I might brick my laptop. Sadly this forum seems to be very inactive.
  6. No idea for how much money you can get an i7 640m, but everything over 20€ would not be very sensible. Since you have an unlocked BIOS, have you tried to OC your CPU? You might get the same performance as the i7 640m with ~600 MHz OC on your current CPU. You also could buy an i7 720qm which would give you a better single and multicore performance, since it has 4C/8T and a 2.8 GHz boost clock. I can get one for around 20€ in my country. Upgrading RAM is a good idea. You should check how many modules are present in your laptop, because your motherboard has only 2 slots. If it's a 2x 2GB configuration, you could buy a 4 GB module and try to sell the leftover 2 GB module. Check the RAM info in the BIOS or with CPU-Z (Memory-Tab), then you will know what fits. I've a similar laptop with the same motherboard (Terra Mobile 1772) and I did the same thing. I put an SSD in it, upgraded the RAM (3GB to 6GB, for me it was a 4GB SO-DIMM DDR-3 CL7 module, 25€ new) and swapped out the i3 370m for an i5 520m (10€), which I plan to overclock a bit more when I get hands on an unlocked BIOS. Do you have any pictures of the cracked frame around the screen? Maybe you are able to fix it by yourself. My screen is also not the brightest, but my panel can be overclocked to 100hz which is nice. I think swaping out the screen is not worth the cost. greetings
  7. Since your laptop is over 5 years old, it would be a good idea to replace the thermal paste and remove the dust from the cooler. If you haven't done this before, you should search for a disassemble-guide for your laptop. Your laptop has a service lid but CPU and GPU aren't easily accessable. You could clean the fans which should help a lot to lower CPU and GPU temps if they are dusty. If you are going for a thermalpaste replacement, I recommend a non-conductive paste (I use the Noctua NT-H1), because liquid metal pastes can damage your laptop when applied incorrectly and should NEVER be used on aluminium heatsinks - copper ONLY. I lowered my CPU and GPU temps with the NT-H1 by around 5°C.
  8. Hello, does the ms_gx740.zip offer a "Legacy Rom" setting located in advanced->PCI preferences? I can't download the file somehow (EDIT: do I really have to make 5 posts and wait 1 week? ) I want to upgrade my GPU but sadly the screen stays black when I put the (HP) Nivida Quadro k2100m in. I've read that someone made a HD 7970 work in the GX740 with that setting and maybe this could fix my problem too. Help pls.
  9. Hello guys, I bought a (HP) Nvidia Quadro k2100m for my Terra Mobile 1772 (MS-1727) to replace the original MSI GTS 250m. Sadly, the screen stays black with the k2100m and the power consumption stays at 45W, so I suppose the laptop isn't even booting. The Laptop has the same motherboard as the MSI GX/GT740 (MS-1727) so I thought maybe a BIOS flash could solve the problem. I successfully flashed the latest offical MSI GT740 BIOS (E1727IMS.10F 05/27/2011) but still no video output with the k2100m. I've read that someone flashed the unlocked BIOS and changed some settings to make it work with a HD7970. Now I wanted to try the unlocked BIOS but I can't download the file here, maybe because I haven't got 5 posts yet. Anyways, could this work for me too or is the k2100m broken? Or is it a gpu vbios problem? Any thoughts on this? Thank you Michael
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